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Free Kriya Flow Yoga | Sep22nd, 2016

Taijitu House of OM is hosting a 2 hours Free Kriya Flow Yoga this Thursday from 8 am till 10 am.

A great opportunity to discover what Kriya Flow Yoga is all about. 792 more words


Today why bad news are in news headlines ?

Open any newspaper, TV channel, social sites… bad (negative) news is predominating everywhere, as if there is no good (positive) news. This is psychologically making us feel weird. 250 more words

Kriya Yoga

Kriyayogis are no more rare species today !

Many people ask “Are you a kriyayogi?” as if kriyayogi is a rare species, they are very rare and if fortunate then only can be seen in Himalayas or in caves or living in jungles. 182 more words

Kriya Yoga

All miracles are Prana-science only!

Miracle is daily part of life of a yogi. They experience it initially and then when reach in advanced/exalted Prana state they can perform miracles. These miracles are not normally what is experienced by an individual. 279 more words

Kriya Yoga

Sanskriti or Culture

In India we often boast of our ancient rich culture or ‘Bharatiya Sanskriti‘. Even people do chest thumping as proud Indian! Many Indians marketing our culture and earn dollars – there are plenty of it : classical music and dance, art and literature, land of temples, Sanskrit language, discovered zero ( 323 more words

Kriya Yoga

What is Kriyayoga? - a critical analysis of definition

There are many definitions of kriyayoga nowadays, everyone is making their own definition. This is confusing seekers about true Kriyayoga. So, a clarity on this in conceivable terms has become utmost necessary. 370 more words

Kriya Yoga

Yoga #4: Kriya

The word Kriya literally means ‘to do’. Or to study, or to accomplish. Therefore Kriyas, in kundalini yoga, are the ‘to dos’. I guess the aim is ‘to do’ whatever is said to achieve. 314 more words

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