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SOHAM - Mantra

Natural mantra: The Soham mantra is a natural mantra because it is already part of your nature.

Sooooo… is the sound of inhalation, and is remembered in the mind along with that inhalation. 168 more words


Ngeng Ngeng Sreng Sreng

Uyeeeyyy akhirnya tadi latian nyetir mobil lagi! Berkat proposal tesis yang udah menyeminar, pikiran lumayan agak plong dikit, jadi udah bisa lalala lilili. Padahal sih kemaren-kemaren juga lalala lilili, tapi emang dasar aja belom tergerak. 302 more words


Open Your Heart to Receive Love | Kriya Video

This is a fun kriya!

I wanted to write about this kriya because I found it to be very powerful. Right now in my life there has been a pattern of my heart hurting. 228 more words

Kundalini Yoga

Kriya Yoga Seminar

As you would know, we are organizing free seminars on Kriya Yoga in Modern Times. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear about the ancient science from the Spiritual Directors of Ananda Worldwide, Nayaswamis Devi and Jyotish. 36 more words

Paramhansa Yogananda

Kriya Yoga In Modern Times

Paramhansa Yogananda wrote in Autobiography of a Yogi:

After a silence, Babaji added, ‘Repeat to each of your disciples the majestic promise from the Bhagavad Gita: “Swalpamasya dharmasya, trayato mahato bhoyat” – “Even a little bit of the practice of this religion will save you from dire fears and colossal sufferings.”‘ 112 more words

Paramhansa Yogananda

2015 February Retreat

Just a friendly reminder….

Taos, NM                   February 6-7-8          Retreat begins Thursday evening February 5th at 5:30pm with 4th Initiations at Quail Ridge Taos – 88 State RD 150 – and is followed at 7:00pm with an Open Meditation-Service Class. 90 more words


Chakras or Kshetrams? so where to do the Kriya Pranayam?

There is a difference between a chakra  and a kshetram and its not just semantics, its about location.

What’s a chakra? well 293 more words

Lahiri Mahasaya