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One should drink water, but not too much, is what Ayurved says. Now how much is not too much is an obvious doubt.

Actually the requirement of amount of water of our body is always fulfilled through our regular food. 253 more words


Guru Chats

Hi Everyone,

We are kicking off our fall retreat schedule! All are welcome to attend our retreats no matter “who” you study with.

Audle wanted this work open to anyone who wanted to come – no matter what their spiritual or religious background was. 128 more words


Guru Quotes

“My Guru

            Your picture covered with dust

                        And cobwebs

It’s no reflection on you

            I just chose a different place to meditate.”



August 2016 Ouray, CO Retreat

Upcoming Retreat Reminder…

Ouray, CO                 August 19-20-21        Retreat begins Thursday August 18th at 5:30pm with 4th Initiations at Jerry’s House in Montrose and is followed at 7:00pm with an Open Meditation-Service Class. 85 more words


Why is it emphasized that Guru directly should be involved in Kundalini awakening?

Listen! If it is a small cough and cold, you can even get the Across-the-Counter medicine (Over The Counter medicine – OTC) and have on your own; there won’t be a big side-effect; either it will be healed or it won’t be healed, but there won’t be a big side-effect. 1,082 more words


How to awaken Kundalini Shakti ?

Listen! Listen to the deeper secrets of this Kundalini.

This Kundalini is the bridge between man and God. This Kundalini is the source of the energy in all of us. 696 more words


After Kriya - July 24th

I was zoned out most of my Kriya. I could vaguely remember breathing according to what Guruji said, but I know I was mostly zoned out because the whole kriya seemed like it was 15 minutes long, when I know it has to have been 40 minutes at least. 122 more words