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Getting Rid of Anger with This Kundalini Yoga Kriya

Back in November I set out on an ambitious project that involved trying to do a year’s worth of work in just a few moons.  It severely backfired.   460 more words

Kundalini Yoga

May 2016 Ouray, CO Retreat

Hello All,

Here is a friendly retreat reminder…

Ouray, CO                 May 6-7-8       Retreat begins Thursday May 5th at 5:30pm with 4th Initiations at Jerry’s House in Montrose and is followed at 7:00pm with an Open Meditation-Service Class. 106 more words


Guru Chats

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to spring!

It’s that time of year when the quiet of winter fades into the bloom of warmth. Our days are getting longer. 81 more words


Energy and the psychology of what I think it may be magic, etc.

How does the brain do or supposedly do all this spiritual “Woo”  and magical stuff?   Surprisingly it is not just all in the mind.     The Yoga axiom of  “Mind, Body and Spirit” is incomplete.     2,122 more words


April 2016 Taos, NM Retreat

A friendly reminder of our up-coming retreat…

Taos, NM                   April 22-23-24     NEW LOCATION!!! – Retreat begins Thursday April 21st at 5:30pm with 4th Initiations at Taos Satva – #2 Upper Colonias Rd, El Prado, NM – and is followed at 7:00pm with an Open Meditation-Service Class. 93 more words


Beginning at the End

One week ago, I returned from a retreat in Costa Rica.  The weeklong retreat’s focus was on astrology and Kundalini yoga “for health,” as the Facebook event described it.   727 more words


Tahun-tahun Pertama Menjelajahi Dunia Kriya, Dunia Seni 🎀

Ha-haloo.. :oops:
Udah lama banget nggak update lagi, 😂
Kali ini aku mau share tentang kegiatan selama jadi mahasiswa Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta 2014, yang nyasar masuk jurusan Kriya Seninya, tapi karena kenyasaran itu jadi betah sampe saat ini (sekarang lagi semester 4 wehehe), dan karena kenyasaran itu juga jadi kenal sama keramik. 525 more words