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After Kriya - July 24th

I was zoned out most of my Kriya. I could vaguely remember breathing according to what Guruji said, but I know I was mostly zoned out because the whole kriya seemed like it was 15 minutes long, when I know it has to have been 40 minutes at least. 122 more words


My Association with July and Guru Purnima

1982 – 83 was a year I liked the most as a school going kid in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. That year we had lots of holidays on and off. 1,351 more words

Sri Sri

2 things you need to become more spiritual (Part 1/2)

What is the purpose of spirituality?

I think it’s important to always know why you are doing something, because why you do something influences how you do something, and how you do something is how you live. 1,201 more words


Guru Chats

Hello All,

Ah, blessed summer…

Take that vacation, step outside and go for a hike, go camping, fish in the peaceful quiet of the ending day, breathe in deeply the fresh mountain air, marvel at the brilliant stars you can see when there are no city lights around, take your kayak and glide across the glassy lake in the early morning water with no one else in sight, sit on a rock at ten-thousand plus feet and meditate… 16 more words


Guru Quotes

“If you want to change the world change yourself.

            If you change yourself you will change the world.”




I clearly remember the day when I decided to keep the fancy pen my teacher owned. For want of a better word for stole, I am going with the other word ‘decided’. 487 more words


A yogi knows how to practice Yoga correctly, and resorts to solitude where things are not flitting around in his consciousness, distracting him with desires and creating attachments.  774 more words

Ancient Mystical Writings