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KARMA: Is it Real or Not?

Life is a BOOMERANG, What you Give you Get.

Really? I don’t think so.

Karma according to Oxford Dictionary is 1 (in Buddhism and Hinduism) the sum of somebody’s good and bad actions in one of their lives, believed to decide what will happen to them in their next life.

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From head to heart meditation technique

  • Sit down and close your eyes.
  • Take slow and deep breaths, just for a few minutes.
  • Along with it, feel that your head is being pressed into your heart, into the chest region.
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基本上,kriya意思是內在運作。當你的內在有活動,這與身體及頭腦無關,因為身體和頭腦仍是你的外在,而當你確實掌握能量運作時,這就是kriya。 60 more words

Surya Kriya

Full Moon Shala

Intentional monthly gatherings to attune and connect with our feminine wisdom. Honour the ever-changing moon cycle as a mirror to the seasons of our lives. 258 more words


Mantra: Chattra Chakkra Vartee

“Chattr Chakkr Vartee is the mantra for the heart center, it gives direct energy to it. When you are sinking, if you know this mantra and can sing it, you can totally recuperate yourself. 272 more words



This is a beautiful simple meditation for self-healing.

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose. Arms are crossed, holding opposite shoulders. The left arm should be over the right. 487 more words


Pains & Ailments & Blessings

Most times i think this is what i mostly notice and remember…

My typical working day is such: alarm rings and I groan in bed dreading the day. 795 more words