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30 Years Later, the Battle Continues: The Psychology Behind the Bridge Wars

I had considered doing a followup to the Roxanne War (https://erictb.wordpress.com/2013/01/01/the-roxanne-war-complete-chronology-of-hip-hops-greatest-saga/#comment-4278), on “The Bridge War” which basically superseded it, with all the relevant videos, but didn’t bother as I never liked the outcome of that one (though I did contribute heavily to the Wikipedia article). 7,850 more words

Personality And Typology

KRS-ONE - 'Same Shit'

After last week’s That Real Shit, KRS-ONE drops another track with the word shit in the title. Shit is real.


In Hip Hop History

Released Date February 5,2008

Adventures in Emceein is the ninth album by rapper KRS-One, with the Collaboration of producer Marley Marl on Hip-Hop Lives.

Music 4 the Nxt 1, Black History Month Edition: "Illegal Search" by L.L Cool J

L.L Cool J’s classic 1990 (don’t call it a )comeback album, “Mama Said Knock You Out”, is one of the greatest albums in Hip Hop history, and one of its most well balanced. 1,185 more words

Music Matters

KRS-ONE - 'That Real Shit'

New Black History Month shit from the Blastmaster.


Roxanne Shante On How Long It Took Her & KRS One To Become Friends After Beefing [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Roxanne Shante talks about how she knew to put a stipulation in her contract requiring the record label to pay for college, and what the experience of going to college did for her going forward. 169 more words

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