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On KRS-One's Defense Of Afrika Bambaataa, And Separating Art From The Artist

By now, we’re all aware of the allegations against Afrika Bambaataa. They’re serious business and, if they turn out to be true, then he should and will be dealt with accordingly. 734 more words


5/2/2016 Record Breakers Chart

Good afternoon Hip Hop fans! Below you’ll find the latest Rapnetwork Record Breakers Top 40 and Top 5 adds and this week’s #1 is Che Stunna’s “Bandz” out on WorthATicket. 452 more words


Meet Graffiti Artist Turned Rapper Cptn Kirk

Netherlands-based rapper/producer Cptn Kirk presents the Mike Michaelides-directed music video for “Needs”, the new single from T.R.I.P. (Trippin Responsibly In Pluto), his forthcoming EP produced entirely by Boi-Lee. 915 more words

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In Memory of Billy Paul [Samples Playlists]

In the wake of tributes for Prince last week it’s with great sadness that we begin a new week marking the death of yet another musical great. 136 more words


Weekly Rotation: KRS-One & Boogie Down Productions

After the release of his Phife Dawg memorial track last week, I was once again reminded of the power and skill possessed by KRS-One. While he is critically acclaimed, KRS-One lacked the mainstream notoriety of his early 90’s brethren. 196 more words

Behind The Hip Hop: KRS One [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Often, when our favorite artists get popular, their come-up gets obscured behind their explosion onto the scene. But the truth is, your favorite artist was hustling long before their “overnight success.” In  120 more words

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