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Playing A+R with BDP's Edutainment 25 Years Later

Few records in hip hop are untouchable. In fact, the large majority are riddled with flaws if you look at it critically and one of my biggest criticisms (although not  755 more words

The Root Down

Black Eyed Peas' New Track 'Yesterday' Pays Tribute to Golden Era Greats: Sample Playlists

Over the weekend it was hard to escape news of the return of the Black Eyed Peas and their new nostalgia filled track and accompanying video… 245 more words


Edutainment and Humble Beginnings

This week, S.O.B. receives the fourth record from Boogie Down Productions which feels like some heavy intellectual lifting here, something we’ve come to expect from KRS-One.  304 more words

The List

I Am Hip Hop

Hip Hop is how I think, move, act and talk. Therefore I don’t do hip hop, I AM HIP HOP !!!!!!

Hip Hop

Influential Duo

Two very influential emcees growing up. My older brother introduced me to real Hip Hop and I haven’t let go since.

Hip Hop

Crossing The Divide: How Skateboarding And Hip-Hop Found A Beautiful Friend In Each Other

Cultures and social progressions need a soundtrack. There needs to be a rhythm there, a beat, something that drives the pulse of a community, incites refinements, and declares the arrival of a moment. 2,217 more words