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You're My Kryptonite

You’re my Kryptonite

If I can be Lois to your Clark then

when it gets dark I’ll let you feel

my Achilles heel…

You’re my Superman… 48 more words


Day 25 - Kryptonite


After all this time,

And I don’t know why your happiness makes me so sad.

It’s like the madness was peace with you.

For a minute, our scales didn’t have to be broken. 51 more words


I was thinking about this. Maybe we are not superheroes, but we could be heroes. And we have these great powers, but we also have our flaws. 32 more words

To Get Stung A Million Times And Still Show Them Your Scars, That Is How You Love

My god,

does taking my soul out of my chest hurt so badly sometimes,

but then those times come around when it feels so good. 7 more words

Who's side are you on? Batman vs Superman

Some time ago I saw Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice and it got me thinking about all these Superhero movies and series. Marvel vs DC comics, which one is the best? 432 more words


Have anyone heard from Melanie?

I miss her and wonder how she’s doing. I’m worried.

For all of you who knows her, I don’t have to say more than that. You will all answer “me too”. 85 more words

What Ever

Expect to STILL be Superman While It’s Raining Kryptonite.

G. P. Avants

Ever have a day when it feels like everything is going your way. You’re flying high and subduing the bad guys left and right. 373 more words