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The 'P' Word!

We all have encounter the dreadful ‘P’ word at some point in time.  A word that can render many of  us powerless just like giving kryptonite to Superman. 162 more words

Blogging Meetup

Heidi's Peanut Butter Cups!

As many of my friends knows, I’m a confessing chocoholic (please follow the link). This isn’t like being confessional in a theological sense, where you come to your positions theologically through much study, prayer and leading by God. 529 more words


Thursday Thoughts

I recently restarted a tumblr that I had initially created to just blow off steam. Well, I deleted most of those posts and have started posting similar stuff on there. 278 more words

Smart Phones. Humanity's Kryptonite?

Smartphones represent the current pinnacle of communications technology and mobile computing. They are convenient, highly accessible and capable devices which have enabled us to share data (messages, photos, documents, videos etc.) instantaneously around the world. 637 more words

The Dive

Woes—have filled,
Once again these eyes.
Pools of black coldness.
One would think,
Blinking could pull the plug.
But what should be considered first;
Is the dive.


​Forgiveness is Kryptonite....

​Forgiveness is like kryptonite to emotional imprisonment!

Innerstanding, knowledge & humility are the kryptonites to unforgiveness….

Knowledge of the limiting beliefs that keep you tied to the unforgivable. 108 more words

Ladies Golf Jamie Sadock Fall Collection is Here: KRYPTONITE

There are many things to be excited about today. Fall is almost here, which means Pumpkin flavored everything is back! (Literally jumping for joy right now) The smell of it just brings visions of cool weather and football games. 97 more words