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“Excuse me for a second,” I rasped, “I need to go get a sip of water.”

She nodded her head, wide eyes following me out of the exam room. 259 more words


Suddenly I understand other people’s deep grieving over the likes of Prince and David Bowie. While I enjoyed the music of both, I didn’t have a deep personal connection to either man’s work. 49 more words

You're No Longer Kryptonite To Me

Every breakup has its lasting effects, whether we acknowledge it or not, we know it’s there.

The lasting effect of us was that I couldn’t let you go. 316 more words

My Superman went down!

Superman went down:

The day we took our maiden voyage I last posted about was also the day my Dad AKA Superman went down Kryptonite caught him. 492 more words


You're My Kryptonite

You’re my Kryptonite

If I can be Lois to your Clark then

when it gets dark I’ll let you feel

my Achilles heel…

You’re my Superman… 48 more words


Day 25 - Kryptonite


After all this time,

And I don’t know why your happiness makes me so sad.

It’s like the madness was peace with you.

For a minute, our scales didn’t have to be broken. 51 more words


I was thinking about this. Maybe we are not superheroes, but we could be heroes. And we have these great powers, but we also have our flaws. 32 more words