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Ah Ha Ha Ha Stayin' Alive...

Prior to looking up the lyrics, I never noticed the “Ah ha ha ha” bit (always just thought they were saying ah-ah-ah). Laughing in the face of death? 702 more words


On February 8, 2000.

On February 8, 2000, “Republic” label released ‘The Better Life’, the debut 3 Doors Down studio album.”The Better Life” was recorded in 1999, (except “Kryptonite”, “Loser”, and “Duck and Run” in 1997, in New York, and was produced by Paul Ebersold. 177 more words


One look from across the bar leads them both to have those steamy images in their head. It was clearly lust at first sight. Sneaky glances, small smile here, cocky smirk there, rolling up the sleeves, swaying of hips, teasing was going on from both the sides. 306 more words

Jerry Mander -The Democrats and GOP Establishment Have Chosen Their Destructor

The Democrats and GOP Establishment Have Chosen Their Destructor

Isn’t it time for Jeb! and the other hanger ons to drop out?

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Jerry Mander

That Smell...

You know that smell that some men have… the fresh aftershave or cologne smell? That smell drives me crazy… it’s my kyptonite!!!

I don’t know what it was but today at work I was sitting at my desk all alone in the office. 94 more words