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Mattel DC Universe Action League Superman vs. Bizarro figure set (2011)

Here’s a DC Universe Action League Superman vs. Bizarro figure set.  Made by Mattel and released in 2011, this set of mini figures (the figures themselves standing at approximately two-inches tall) are of Superman and Bizarro.  59 more words


Red Hood Tries To Kill Bizarro

I think this is the first time we learn that Bizarro has some of Superman’s memories.

From – Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 2 #7

Dc Comics

I hated Batman V Superman

I literally just finished watching Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and I had to write a post about it.

It was soooooo long. Batman and Superman met for the first real time 60 MINUTES into the movie. 455 more words


When a Path Becomes a Barrier

Biscuits were packed, the coffee flask was full and enthusiasm was aplenty. I’d been looking forward to this day all week; Saturday was to be spent at the allotment. 733 more words


The Real Reason Superman and Lois Never Married

“Am I pretty?”

Clark didn’t even look up from his pasta. “No.”

An audible gasp escaped Lois. “You don’t?”

“No, as in, I don’t think that’s the question you wanted to ask.” 236 more words


Renée Unleashed

Trump’s Kryptonite

Trump demonstrates a voracious hunger to “one up” everyone and everything within sight.  His delusional Twitter feed proclaiming sweeping victories, often for petty matters, when hard facts yield creditable, multiply sourced investigations that prove Trump is lying reveal his personality’s omnipresent need to best others.   749 more words