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Third Exhibition in a Worldwide Tribute to Mike Kelley Opens in Athens

Artist Mike Kelley had a fascination with home. Or, perhaps more specifically the myriad ways in which one can’t go home. Growing up outside of Detroit in the 1960s and ’70s, amidst the social and economic upheaval that led to the area’s decline, it perhaps comes as no surprise that “home” became an enigmatic concept as… 1,264 more words



Its been ten months since I finally told you how I feel. That night in January, while we talked about destinies, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with the magnitude of love I have for you. 416 more words


Time Flies


Shout out to @Largemouth for helping YHC out…needed to lock in a post and Q at THE finest high-tempo bootcamp AO at Kokabooth on a Monday. 166 more words


B.O.M.B.S over Koka Booth

6 PAX huddled under the LED lights in the mini parking lot, anxiously awaiting the 5:30 start time.  5 seconds to go time and Flip Flop fires in to make 7.  326 more words


In my dreams I see you.

My dreams haunt me sometimes,
They’re on the list of a few things I can’t control.
In them, I see you from time to time. 194 more words


The Gates of Koka Booth will not prevail against Us.

Date 11/13/17

QIC: Fluoride

+6 Awesome Pax

I arrived at Koka Booth barely on time to find 6 Pax running in the parking lot. I got out of my car and asked why they were running, and the reply was to keep warm. 386 more words

Term Paper