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The Reason Why You Shouldn’t Feed Bread To Ducks

Get ready to feel like a horrible person.

Turns out all those trips you did to the park when you thought you were doing something harmless and fun by feeding the ducks, you were actually hurting the poor animals. 54 more words


6 Reasons Superman Can Never Defeat Batman

When Batman v Superman was first announced, the casual superhero fan likely had one question in mind: How could Batman, a superhero who possesses no superhuman abilities, possibly battle Superman? 97 more words

Manjit Jhita

Was Barack wiretapping The Tom rather than The Donald?

We now conclusively know beyond a shadow of any doubt that The Barack O’TomA’s Administration did not wiretap The Donald.  How do we know this with such absolute confidence?  121 more words

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You’ve been my kryptonite
draining me

I’ve been carrying this broken heart
it’s become heavy
with tears

No wonder you could… 44 more words


Kryptonite ain't a 'Small' Issue 

By G.P. Avants

It took me some time, but I finally got around to watching the TV series, Smallville. It is a whole different twist on the Superman backstory. 291 more words

Mattel DC Universe Action League Superman vs. Bizarro figure set (2011)

Here’s a DC Universe Action League Superman vs. Bizarro figure set.  Made by Mattel and released in 2011, this set of mini figures (the figures themselves standing at approximately two-inches tall) are of Superman and Bizarro.  59 more words