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In Praise of Insurance (really).

I wouldn’t normally devote blog-space to singing the praises of large financial institutions, but in this case it seems deserved.

Regular readers (there’s a delusional concept that always makes me chuckle) may recall me signing off a couple of posts ago with the news that my treasured Cannondale F4 had been stolen, and that I was awaiting the response of the insurance company with interest. 464 more words

Gothamites Take Down The Kandorians (The Master Race)

Batman seeded the rain clouds with kryptonite which is why the Kandorians aren’t able to use all of their powers and are susceptible to injury. 7 more words



“The problem with love is; you can love who you want… But so can they.”
– Unknown.

I’m afraid to love

To give, to fall. … 170 more words

13th October - 17 Days and Counting...

34. What is your writing kryptonite?

I’d say my writing kryptonite is my own self-confidence, or rather, lack-thereof.

When I start doubting myself, I stop writing. 82 more words

50 Days

A proper scientific experiment, with unexpected results

Another Caturday post…

Whilst reading one of my favourite blogs samanthamurdochblog last weekend, apart from adding to my ongoing crystal education, and making me laugh as she always does, Samantha mentioned a self awareness test for animals. 664 more words


A chemical element with symbol Kr and the atomic number of 36. Its in group 18 and the atomic mass is 83.798 u.

It’s also superman’s weakness. 182 more words

Urban ride

With the Urban Cow Half Marathon 2016 just around this corner this coming Sunday, I had to pick up my packet at the local Fleet Feet (located in downtown Sac).   843 more words