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My Kryptonite

My Kryptonite

These buildings
I once scaled
are too tall and gray
for me today,
and the locomotive
rolls on by,
massive and broad,
unable to pique my interest. 90 more words


Empty bedroom

I cleared out my bed room so they can paint. Last night I thought it would make for a good space to practice my guitar. It was a good time. 150 more words



I caution you, this blog will be a hit or miss for the reader. Either you can totally relate with #SpeakYourTruth or find yourself completely confused.   1,048 more words


Kryptonite Comes in Different Colors...and Flavors.

“For by you I can run against a troop, by my God I can leap over a wall.”

                                             Psalm 18:29

I love the color green. It reminds me of growing things and new life in general. 492 more words


Happy Labor Day (and some Food For Thought)

Check  out this crazy infographic from MorphSuits (via Comic Book Resources). Really interesting insight in how to take down your (least?) favorite superheroes.

Looks like Silverstreek is safe, y’all!