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Do you ever feel like there’s that ONE person who grips you? The one that can sway your life decisions? Heart overrides your mind and soon you find yourself thinking all things are possible even if it isn’t logical, practical and destroys your moral compass? 1,287 more words


Superman VS. Batman?

For weeks I have been wrestling with the absurdity of this Superman VS. Batman fight.  The fight is tantamount to a boxing bout between the best flyweight vs. 257 more words


5 things you probably knew about Lex Luthor

#1 Lex Luthor, like many comic book characters, has had many changes in his origins. He was originally introduced in Action Comics #23 and was created by Jerry Seigel and Joe Shuster. 235 more words

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Frozen Bacon

Earlier, and completely randomly, I noticed that we had bacon.  Frozen bacon, in the freezer of course.

I don’t remember buying bacon. Or putting it in the freezer. 100 more words



We are in an age of superhero revamps. Introducing a younger generation to the heroes we all grew up with, from the self-centered and witty Ironman to the woman power of Supergirl and Black Widow and even the epitome of superhero qualities…Superman. 571 more words


Metallo Planned Villain For BvS Dawn Of Justice

While speaking with EW, director Zack Snyder spoke about the time he was trying to to figure who the villain would be in the Man of Steel… 168 more words

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