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World's Finest 94 - Superman ditches Batman for Powerman

An origin is given for the Superman/Batman team, which contradicts all earlier variations of how they met, in a story by Hamilton, Sprang and Kaye in World’s Finest 94 (May/June 1958). 143 more words

World's Finest 87 - Superman and Batman switch powers, again

Finger, Sprang and Kaye pull the old switcheroo again in World’s Finest 87 (March/April 1957).

This time the changes are intentional.  A villain, who is more concerned with covering his face than his body, comes across some capsules created by Jor-El, that will temporarily endow someone with super-powers.  88 more words

World's Finest 61 - kryptonite sunlight, and the Joker makes Batman cheat, steal and kill

No comment on Batman’s unusual pose behind Robin on the cover of World’s Finest 61 (Nov/Dec 52).

Kryptonite was still a new thing in the Superman series when this story, by Plastino and Kaye, was released. 175 more words

Wait and See

It’s no coincidence that most of the sermons we’ve heard lately are about suffering. For residents of this fallen world and especially for followers of Jesus Christ, suffering is a guarantee. 272 more words


Got Kryptonite?

Lately, there has been a fair amount of talk in the media about milk. Is it really fit for human consumption? Is it to blame for the ‘diseases of affluence’ that afflict mainstream North American and European (First World) cultures? 1,587 more words

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Fashion fyle: Hey Forearms...

Let’s be real, every woman finds something on a Man’s body attractive, besides smile, eyes, toes? Mine would be forearms. What I find attractive is when a guy has on a classic oxford shirt, and he rolls up his sleeves. 258 more words


Much more than Superman

I was living on the 13th floor in my cozy Bombay apartment around three years ago. As I looked out the window, I was constantly reminded of why I was upset. 931 more words

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