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an ideal first Monday of a new year

Over the holidays, I completely ignored the internet/email in order to get lost in books, magazines and movies. One of the most poignant articles I came across was ‘Coding for the Masses’ by Clive Thompson in WIRED. 549 more words

Krystal Plomatos

a hypothetical demon & a brilliant question

starting to read Thus Spoke Zarathustra, and the Introduction references an amazing passage in Nietzche’s The Gay Science:

“What, if some day or night a demon were to steal after you into your loneliest loneliness and say to you: … 291 more words

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Facebook Facts: They're Appalling, Comforting and... Akward

If extraterrestrials stumbled upon the entire contents of Facebook, would they understand us better than we know ourselves, or would they also be hunting for a giant “DISLIKE” button? 65 more words

Krystal Plomatos

from 14 to 9 // ode wk 11

It’s 57 degrees out.

This morning was my last run in my Asics GT 2140s before I replace them for a new pair. (Thanks to my Godparents for the birthday gift card to Richmond RoadRunners!) 360 more words

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chasing the lion

If you’re wondering what I meant by the “chasing the lion’ on my blog – here comes the story…

Here at the Brandcenter – one of our professors, Mark Avnet (head of our Creative Technology track) also happens to be a Media Psychologist and is trained in NLP or Neurolinguistic programming. 383 more words

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The icons in my gmail signature...

Hey there-

For those of you that I email- several people have noticed and asked how I got the social media icons that link to my different profiles embedded in my signature: 26 more words

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Planner's Delight: Making Up Words

Here’s a few terms we’ve concocted to use throughout our paper.

1. digital dependence

The state of mind we’ve slipped into where we think in terms of tabs and links, when walking without our trusty devices makes us feel naked and like we’re missing out on something potentially magical. 94 more words

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