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The Hero

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“The Hero” is a good example of how much can rest on a single performance. Sam Elliot has made a name for himself as the iconic, laconic cowboy, perhaps most famously in “The Big Lebowski.” However, Elliot’s trademark voice and great white mustache can distract us from what a fine actor he truly is. 255 more words

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Four Misfits, One City. Can the Big Apple Handle the Combined Efforts of the Defenders?

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The first trailer for Netflix’s Marvel The Defenders is online as of 3rd May 2017, and I’ve taken the liberty of detailing some of the ins and outs of the trailer for you all – who knows, it may make you want to go out and watch it, if you haven’t already done so of course. 407 more words


REVIEW: The Hero

“I know we were hoping to get good news from this biopsy,” begins the doctor of Sam Elliott’s Lee Hayden. “Unfortunately, I don’t have good news.” The scene happens so early in Brett Haley’s “ 306 more words

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CHARACTERSCURA: The Hero and Moscow Never Sleeps

First, a word from our sponsors: I wanted to say thank you to everyone who contributed to our Indiegogo campaign for 15 Conversations in 10 Minutes. 937 more words

80. The Hero


The Hero almost seems like a film set in a fictional universe based off of Elliott’s post-Lebowski career, focusing on a Western film icon in the AARP years of his life. 505 more words

Big Eyes


Directed and produced by Tim Burton, BIG EYES is based on the true story of Walter Keane (Christoph Waltz), who was one of the most successful painters of the 1950s and early 1960s. 552 more words

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THE HERO (2017)

 Greetings again from the darkness. It’s considered bad form to gush over a film or actor during a review, but come on … it’s Sam Elliott… 683 more words