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FILM DIRECTOR Andrzej Wajda 1926-2016

The first Wajda I saw was Danton, when it came out in the 1983. Before I even knew who Wajda was. It made me think that the French Revolution explained all subsequent revolutions, and proceeded to buy books about the events of 1789 onwards to see how the film did the book, as it were. 463 more words


XL Popcorn - The Double Life of Veronique / It's A Gift

One month in and it is spreading up into my neck from my right arm. Dictated reviews will be continuing until I know more about what I am dealing with. 538 more words

In Progress


Mid-level executive and middle-aged man, Stefan Bednarz (Franciszek Pieczka), is placed in charge of building a new chemical plant in his hometown of Olechów, Poland. The only problem, the people of Olechów don’t want the plant. 563 more words


Review: Dekalog, 2016, dir. Krzysztof Kieślowski

Have you seen Dekalog, Polish filmmaker Krzysztof Kieślowski’s groundbreaking 10 hour television film of biblical design? No? Okay, lemme break it down for you: You should see  130 more words


Moving pictures, #45

More movies!

Suffragette, Sarah Gavron (2015, UK). I’m surprised it’s taken until 2015 to make a film like this. Actually, I’m not surprised, just disgusted. 2,134 more words


Moving pictures, #41

Despite a weekend away at Bloodstock, I managed to keep to my somewhat heavy schedule of film-watching; although, once again, most of the movies below are not from the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die list (only one is, in fact). 1,782 more words


Moving pictures, #38

Wa-hey, I did it! An entire Moving pictures post without a single US film. Which is not say I watched zero US films during the period, just that they were so shit they weren’t worth documenting (and, to be honest, there were only one or two of them). 2,611 more words