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How to get to the debug menuРit has cheats and debug stuff.  Press right Alt and F12 to get to it.

How to get into orbit– 13 more words


A very plane update...

I’m back to playing KSP! :D

It’s been a while, but since I set up my machine¬†specifically for KSP, it seemed a waste not to use it. 114 more words


Kerbal Space Program preparing to land on Xbox One

Kerbal Space Program, the highly rated PC game, has been announced for Xbox One. A teaser trailer confirming the news was released, and you can watch that trailer below: 88 more words


Backups for KSP in Debian

As part of the Acer Project, I’ve added a simple backup scheme based on rsnapshot¬†and an external 1GB HDD. It pretty much involved uncommenting some lines in a cron job, and adjusting some lines in rsnapshot’s config… 114 more words


KSP in kiosk mode

I’ve set up KSP in “kiosk mode” on the Acer, as part of the Acer Project.

I created a custom .xinitrc file for KSP, which starts openbox (otherwise KSP doesn’t seem to get input?) and then starts KSP. 33 more words


Smart Parts: ALT-Pro Altimeter and Action Group Trigger

The Smart Part ALT-Pro Altimeter and Action Group Trigger has one purpose, to trigger an action group when a certain altitude is reached. It will detect whether the craft is ascending or descending and can trigger on either or both. 316 more words

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