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Kerbal Space Program: It's not rocket science!...oh wait.

Kerbal Space Program is a name that has become well-known over the past few years for being one of few Early Access games that consistently delivers on promises. 705 more words


Change is in the air

I’ve recently invested in the replacement for the Acer. “Replacement” might be the wrong word – the laptop (a Dell) will have more than a few pieces taken from the Acer! 143 more words


I... need... better... avionics...

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been flying Jeb around in a plane, taking samples.

My plane is fun to fly; really stable (although it does gently nose-down without SAS), and fast. 160 more words


KSP 1.0

And I return to KSP! Albeit only for a look at the latest release…

They’ve added a lot. And tweaked quite a few things. Flying planes is now much more fun, and less buggy. 162 more words


KSP: Simple Minmus Landing

Just going though the basic missions(in sandbox mode) as I get back into KSP. This is a simple three kerbal flight using the stock kerbal-x ship and landing on one of the frozen seas of Minmus. 27 more words


Kerbal Space Program

By: Charles Arnaudo

Many children grow up dreaming of one day travelling to space and exploring the Solar System. For those who did, Kerbal Space Program (KSP) is the answer to a lifelong dream. 482 more words