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Satellite Television

The next two missions on the docket are pretty much for making more funds, with a total return of nearly 200k funds, this should be well worth it. 772 more words

Kerbal Space Program

ISS stage 4 - KSP

I am currently working on a ISS interpretation using mostly stock parts and the SPACEX mod rockets for payloads.

This is going to take me a while, but it is soooo much fun. 43 more words


The Community-Driven Game

Imagine you are driving a car, and you have three of your misanthropic friends in the back. Suddenly they lean forwards and ask if they can help steer. 812 more words


Kerbal Space Program (Early Access)

You all know Kerbal Space Program is amazing. I can’t be the first person to have told you that and honestly I don’t quite know how. 511 more words

Grind for Life Knoxville is Official

It’s official, it’s coming – The Grind for Life Series is coming to Knoxville September 12th of this year.



Kerbal Space Program

In the last weeks i began to play Kerbal Space Program quite a lot. It is a game about space exploration published by Squad and it’s still in beta phase. 89 more words

Kerbal Space Program

Gaming on Linux

Kind of a well chewed over topic, but I thought I’d put my particular take on it out there. This is what my blog is for, after all… 237 more words