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Pembiayaan Pensiunan dan Perorangan (Haji) KSP Nusantara (50%)

berdasarkan memorandum dari divisi penjaminan syariah no. 112/M/2.4/III/2016 tentang permohonan pendapat dan review atas  draft pks pembiayan pensiunan dan perorangan (haji) KSP Nusantara.

draft opini pembiayaan pensiun dan haji sudah dibuat. keduanya sedang dikoreksi bu Mae.

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It’s been a while since I last posted!


Early 1.1 reviews "The game works"

“The game works” is perhaps the most descriptive review I’ve heard of the 1.1 release of Kerbal Space Program. These were Kofeyh’s words after a 3.5 hour stream in KSPTV yesterday. 335 more words


AP Chemistry: Class 34 & 35


  • Monday, March 21st
  • Tuesday, March 22nd

Finish Study of Equilibrium

  • Review Ksp problems
  • Homework due Tuesday
  • Two extra problems in folder for extra

Quiz Tuesday… 15 more words


Telling everyone he’s in Oman

I received an email last Sunday, 20 March 2016 from an ex roommate, ex friend.  I was actually CCed in his email informing everyone that he tried to contact us but we’re not responding to his email.  138 more words


AP Chemistry: Class 32 & 33


  • Wednesday, March 16th
  • Friday, March 18th

Exam Recap

  • Return Acid-Base exam
  • review answers and concepts
  • coaching how to show work
  • calculator: friend or foe?
  • 60 more words

Sunday nights with RoverDude - The ultimate ASMR experience?

For a few months now, uber-mod-maker RoverDude has taken over KSPTV on Sunday nights to live cast mod design.

I’ll call this stream the sleeper hit of early 2016. 157 more words