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Lucky You, For There Are No More, This Is Haiku No.4

Lonely tree stump stands

Apart from green, flowers, Life

In a dirt circle


Commanding Kerbals With A Physical Interface

Kerbal Space Program will have you hurling little green men into the wastes of outer space, landing expended boosters back on the launchpad, and using resources on the fourth planet from the Sun to bring a crew back home. 209 more words

Video Hacks

Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Me Haiku No.3

Birds build their nest

Man sees hollow tree, dead

And insects scurry


USSK: RSS IW Kaginata

The full history of the Kaginata will be fleshed out in the future.

RSS Kaginata

The Kaginata is a Level 3 class Interplanetary Warship. It was the first fully operational interplanetary military spacecraft in space. 338 more words

Union Orion

Lucky Lucky You It's Haiku Number 2

Branch in the moonlight

Excited boy climbs. Crack!

Circle unbroken

Lucky You It’s Haiku 1


Lucky You It's Haiku 1

Last Week’s KSP Writer’s Centre assignment was a haiku poem and lucky you I have 4 to share.  LOL  Enjoy my very first Haiku attempt. 19 more words



Every month here a Cold Case file will be posted along with information in how anyone can help if they have any information on the case. 244 more words