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Lack Lustre

As I’ve lost all get up and go for poetry and arts and crafts, I thought I would play around with Kerbal Space Program and my video editor. 22 more words


My Fellowship at KSP

It feels like only yesterday, but it’s actually just over a week since I finished my Fellowship at the KSP Writers’ Centre. What’s a Fellowship? 1,043 more words

Tyson Adams

In The Interim

I’m currently on an interim discharge from the Psyche Ward and it all being so recent and basically tender, I’m not ready to share my experince of this episode yet. 125 more words


Stanisław Dróżdż „Bez tytułu (życie - śmierć)”

Stanisław Dróżdż, „Bez tytułu (życie – śmierć)”, 1969

Na obrazie dwa wyrazy, które biegną równolegle, wzdłuż, przeplatają się ze sobą i za siebie zachodzą, tworząc kształtem znak krzyża. 707 more words

Marianna Patkowska

Land Reform & Gerakan Agraria Indonesia - Noer Fauzi Rachman

Buku ini berisi penelitian Noer Fauzi Rahman yang menyelidiki bagaimana tanah-tanah negara di Indonesia ditargetkan untuk diredistribusi melalui kebijakan land reform maupun gerakan-gerakan agraria. Selain tindak hegemoni pemerintah, ia juga terjun mengamati praktik upaya resistensi masyarakat, baik secara radikal maupun via perjuangan birokrasi. 2,649 more words

Saksi Konsumsi

How Karnataka said goodbye to 'KSP', the State's tallest farmers' leader

Modern Indian politicians are (mostly) a transactional lot. ‘Give and take’ is a phrase that trips off their plastic tongue effortlessly.

They buy their seats. They buy votes. 348 more words

Jeb's big day. "Let's light this candle!"*

“Waddaya mean I’m not riding the Sickle?” Jeb exclaimed angrily. “You let Val ride the Hammer and I’m the only other pilot. That means I get the next rocket, which is the Sickle!” “Calm down Jeb, or I’ll ground you and wait for Val medical hold to end and send her again!” said Gene. 975 more words