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Surgical Group Update - November 2016

We have had two further surgical clinical reasoning tutorials – one on pneumothorax and one on cholecystitis and acute surgical biliary conditions. The next session will be on neonatal surgical emergencies on Sunday 27th November. 121 more words

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Obstetrics & Gynaecology Group Update – November 2016

Despite the blustery weather here in London, last week’s tutorial led by Dr Salwa Abdullahi, saw a soaring numbers of students attend which brightened up the Sunday!  104 more words

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Health Professionals Education Update - November 2016

The plans for the exciting SPHEIR project supporting higher education in Somaliland are progressing quickly. We had a busy and useful meeting with the British Council, SPHEIR, Universities UK International and PWC  in Nairobi and we are now busy finalising the first stage of the grant so that activity can start early in 2017. 81 more words

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Mental Health Group Update - November 2016

We are pleased with the SPHEIR funding which will help us deliver mental health training from 2017. Our Aqoon project is being set up. We are keeping in touch with other stakeholders in mental health in Somaliland, Puntland and south-central Somalia in relation to potential future projects in Somaliland . 141 more words

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Nursing Group Update - November 2016

The Somaliland Nursing and Midwifery group has been discussing their input and role in the new SPHEIR grant and working on developing our medicine Africa capacity. 67 more words

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Kerbal Player's Guide

Our new book is out! We worked really hard on this amazing book! Learn about space, astrophysics, and Kerbal Space Program, the best realistic space program simulator!

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Kata si "Perfeksionis"- Menjadi Yang Terbaik

Saya baru menyadari beberapa tahun ke belakang bahwa apa yang saya lakukan selama ini didasari suatu sifat kuat bernama perfeksionis. I was doing pretty fine with this within my childhood sampai ketika saya masuk di bangku SMA saya mulai merasakan ada yang kurang “sreg” dan puncaknya ketika saya berkuliah di fakultas yang menuntut untuk menjadi seorang perfeksionis, because a single fault is about other’s life. 1,035 more words