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Reviewer Blues

I am overwhelmed. That is the theme for this summer, everyone. Summer Reading Theme: Overwhelmed! Summer is underway and I. Am. Simply. Overwhelmed.

Let’s talk about books. 158 more words

YA Books


Greetings from one who willingly left her room today!

As in I went out to buy nachos and cheese and eggs and ham and bread. I was foodless. 229 more words

calling all women

Friends, Romans, countryladies, lend me your ears!  (Or eyes, I guess.)  Let me tell you a story:

Recently I decided to start a litzine that only prints work by female-bodied or female-identified people.   206 more words


Ugh, Mentok is just another old perv. Al...

Ugh, Mentok is just another old perv. All that’s over, but…bullet dodged I guess? Really glad I saw this side of him before making a commitment. 233 more words


luck be a lady or the tiger

I hate it when you have to shave over a zit. You just never know how it’s going to turn out. Shaving is like the craps game of skin exfoliation. 35 more words