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Lost. Bengkulu, Indonesia.

I’m lost. I’m very lost. I’m so lost, that I can’t even give up and go back, as I don’t know which way ‘back’ is. I’ve literally been riding in circles since early morning. 1,285 more words

Happy times in Lyari. Karachi, Pakistan

“You drove through where? Are you crazy?” The receptionist at Karachi’s finest Beach Luxury Hotel looks at us like we just asked if we could marry his pet hamster. 926 more words

Mud, sweat and tears. Oodnadatta track, Australia

“Fuck, fucking fuck, fuckerdefuckfuckfuck!” The sudden rain shower turns the hard packed gravel road instantly into wet, slippery mud and the bike is slipping and sliding around. 1,323 more words

Close calls. Pokhara, Nepal

“Bloody hell! That was close!” I’m minding my own business when an overloaded van decides to overtake me. There’re people on the roof and luggage strapped to the sides, increasing the width and height by a meter or so. 522 more words

Bush mechanics. Chiang Mai, Thailand

It’s the whistle of death I know so well from my breakdown in Pakistan. The brand new battery which I bought three days ago in Bangkok is cooking again and the end is near. 1,513 more words

Escort service. Mirjaveh, Iran

The car peels out of its parking spot as soon as we leave the hostel in Bam at 8am. It seems the dreaded escorts have already found us. 1,757 more words

Brakes. Denpasar, Indonesia

I suddenly hear metal scratching on metal while braking. It turns out my rear brake pads are completely worn out and the steel base is grinding into the steel brake disk. 1,029 more words