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Paella at NYC's Broadway Bites

Pork Paella by Paella Shack at Broadway Bites: Cubed sautéed pork, zucchini and sliced red peppers on a bed of wonderfully seasoned, slightly crisp Arborio rice! 134 more words


When you want Korean comfort food...

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Whether you know it as juk or congee, rice porridge is one of those quintessential Asian comfort foods. It’s what my mom makes for me when I’m not feeling well, so I always associate porridge with being taken care of. 238 more words

Life Or Something Like It

All Flowers Grow Through Dirt

Kaisertown is waiting to hear about whether we have been awarded Main Street Initiative Grant Money to improve the business district.  Hopefully we’ll get an update any day now. 31 more words

Walkable Kaisertown for Millennials?

Check out this article about millennials having children and wanting to live in mixed-use, walkable neighborhoods. Kaisertown meets all the criteria, just needs a little push in the right direction! 6 more words


Sometimes nostalgia can bring out the worst in us, particularly when discussing place. It is human nature to discuss the good old days and compare them to today; focusing on what is different or missing. 302 more words

Quotes about the Old Neighborhood

“I have spoken to hundreds of people who mourn the loss of a sense of place tied to block, school, and neighborhood church. When you talk to them further, you may also find that they were busily helping to create the new rootlessness during the years of urban change. 55 more words

Soon Tofu, I Appreciate You


I’ve touched upon this before, but one of the things I really appreciate about living in Los Angeles is having access to some of the most incredible Korean food. 698 more words