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The Birth of a Nation Propaganda

Released in 1915, The Birth of a Nation is a silent, epic film, that is considered to be the most racist movie ever made. 71 more words

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David Duke: Removal of Andrew Jackson's Statue is Part of a War on Whites

On the September 23, 2016 episode of his eponymous radio show, David Duke was outraged over the news that protesters from the group Take ‘Em Down NOLA were planning on physically removing a monument to Andrew Jackson. 583 more words


KKK Fliers "Showing Up On Lawns Across America"- CIA Engineered Civil Unrest Rolls As Planned

KKK flyers? Really? How strange, all of this is happening when Hillary is falling apart. Oh and we know the mainstream media likes to say the KKK loves Trump or vice versa and they say he’s the next Hitler.  2,264 more words


Speak Out Against the Klan's Public Gathering in Rockmart GA, October 1st 2016

Update 9/23/2016, 6PM: According to The Polk County Standard Journal, the Klan event has now been cancelled.

As highlighted by anti-racist research, the International Keystone Knights of the Ku Klux Klan are hosting an all-day “White Christian Community Event” at Seaborn Jones Park in Rockmart, western Georgia, on October 1st. 459 more words

Former KKK leader: Trump-Hitler comparisons might be good for Hitler

David Duke said comparisons of Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler might be helping the Nazi leader rather than hurting the Republican presidential front-runner.

On his radio show Tuesday, the former Ku Klux Klan leader mentioned an unidentified commercial that compared Trump’s pledge to “Make America great again” to Hitler’s drive to restore German greatness. 298 more words

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Joe Roper: David Duke Can Stop Companies from Firing Racist Employees

In September 18, 2016 video, Neo-Nazi YouTube commentator Joe Roper (a.k.a. Fascist Lemming) asked his viewers to vote for David Duke in his Senate race. According to Roper, Duke will take a stand against the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 (which did away with national origin quotas) and prevent white supremacists from being fired for their racist views. 355 more words