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Riuh in the city

What started as a lazy Sunday  morning turned out to be much more.

Continuing the Deepavali fever,we Grab-ed our way to Apw ,Jalan Riong.(grab was having a promo) It was the Deepavali event by  331 more words


KL: batu caves

The punk show the night before really got the best of us so a big sleep in on Sunday morning was well overdue. We all started to emerge from our rooms at around 12pm and gathered to make a plan for the day. 476 more words

KL: punk kids

After what had been such a big week – physically and mentally – it was finally the weekend! Although this was time to rest and catch up on lost sleep during the week, it was also the perfect opportunity to do some more exploring around KL while we had the free time. 525 more words

KL: Jalan Alor

After another long day of attending classes, patting the campus cats and hanging out with our IIUM buddies, a few of us decided to get off campus for dinner.  270 more words

The case for "shoring" - an experience in Malaysia

In the part of the so-called manosphere that I am engaged in writers and commenters typically discuss PUA, game, and love tourism, but occasionally discussions about prostitution and even… 895 more words

The Kindness of Strangers 

One of the most important things I have experienced in my life since Erin was born is the kindness of strangers. The support and generosity of folk in Carloway and further afield was so vital in allowing me to embrace life as a single parent and gain the confidence I now have to travel the world with my wee girl.  540 more words