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The Kubler-Ross Five Emotional Stages Of Grief - Dealing With Bad News Is A Complex Business

I have been reading the fascinating Oliver Sacks autobiography “On the Move’, and was touched by his descriptions of his early neurology days interacting with patients who he had to give bad news to about their diagnosis, and was reminded of the early days of my medical career when I had to do similar. 2,266 more words


Redefining Disability Challenge - GRIEVING WHAT ONCE WAS

Hello blogger friends and welcome. Here is another post for the Redefining Disability Challenge started by Rose B. Fischer. If you click on the image to the left, you can see exactly what it’s all about and feel free to join. 457 more words


पिडा वा क्षतिका पांच प्रतिक्रिया र पिडाको व्यवस्थापन

पिडा वा क्षतिका पांच प्रतिक्रिया र पिडाको व्यवस्थापन

Five stages of grief and its management

दुखद अवस्थामा के के कस्तो चरण आउछन?

पिडा वा दुख पर्दा त्यसको प्रतिक्रिया स्वरुप र त्यसको व्यवस्थापनको सिलसिलामा पाँच चरणहरू देखा पर्ने विस्वास गरिएको छ। तिनको सरल व्यख्या तल दिइन्छ। 23 more words


The Kübler-Ross model

There’s a level of anger, humiliation, self-doubt, and frustration that comes with being rejected by someone or something you want may it be a job or someone you love. 315 more words


The Five Stages of Finishing a Work in Progress

For the last week I’ve been huddled up with my laptop, typing furiously. The result being that I just finished my sixth (I think) novel. Remember when I talked about… 540 more words


A Grief Observed - Missing Mother

We’re having lunch at Mother’s house today: home-grown tomato sandwiches, Silver Queen corn on the cob, and fresh tossed salad with a wrapped-up cucumber found left in her refrigerator. 590 more words


Kübler-Ross Model - Grieving A Break Up

Denial – The person left behind is unable to admit that the relationship is really over. They may continue to call the former partner when all that person wants is to be left alone. 193 more words

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