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Stages of Grief: Acceptance

It’s nice that this is the last one. It’d be a bummer if after acceptance came “anger again” or “getting really into Magic: The Gathering.” I don’t think I’ve ever experienced this one. 25 more words


Stages of Grief: Depression

I like this one, because it makes my regular depression somehow more noble. Oh, I’m not depressed because I’m fat and nobody likes me and I suspect I have an odor. I’m grieving. 4.0/5


Stages of Grief: Bargaining

This one sounds like fun, but ultimately it means buying into a mindset that someone–God, the doctor, Fate, the insurance company–is holding you or your loved one hostage.  40 more words


Stages of Grief: Anger

This is kind of a mixed bag. If you’re grieving because a vampire killed your grandmother, that anger might help you become a world-class vampire hunter and save everyone else’s grandmothers from exsanguination. 54 more words


Stages of Grief: Denial

This is, traditionally, the first stage one goes through when one experiences a personal loss. Is it though? If you won’t recognize you’ve had a personal loss, have you actually had one? 64 more words


Snap Out of It

It is frightening to let others know, because we don’t want to know ourselves. – http://www.oocities.org/true_perspective/index_4.html

Denial is deadly. For a further discussion of denial, see…

550 more words

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Entry : 0.50 on 28 Mar 2016

Exit : 0.285 on 25 April 2017

Volume : 8500 units

Reason to enter : Price making a new 4-week high a day before and MACD line rebounded away from signal line. 44 more words