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How to change the root user password in ubuntu

In an early stage of the ubuntu users forget the root password no problem, it happen sometimes. In that case they can’t able to install any new tools in his ubuntu machine. 166 more words


Welcome to my blog

Hello everyone of the internet!

Now while I doubt many people want to hear from me and what is on my mind, I’ll do it anyway since I’m starting to do lots of things with Ubuntu and Kubuntu. 128 more words

Free Give Away: Old Ubuntu/Digit/PCQuest Original Free CDs

Since my old Ubuntu Original Free CD collection no longer fascinates me, I decided to give them all away, for free. Its got the “antique” value (I believe in computer world 10 years is equivalent to 10 decades), and I’m pretty sure there will be some geeks interested in it. 132 more words

End of My Ubuntu Fling

Been off work at my day job this week, in part to catch up on various writing projects (including updating Notes). Things were going pretty well until this morning, when ITWorld sent me their daily newsletter with the subject line “Trouble in Kubuntu-land.” The newsletter linked to… 943 more words



I’ve always had dogs growing up, but she is the first dog I’ve had that I’ve raised and cared for on my own. There’s something slightly overwhelming about being the sole caretaker of a creature that reacts to my every word. 144 more words


Linux Distros

In response to a direct request, I will outline the Linux distros that I tolerate and why. Keep in mind that I think all operating systems suck, but some are more tolerable than others. 928 more words


Take screenshot in KDE and send it to Android

You can use the Python PushBullet API to send a screenshot directly from the KDE screenshot application without the need to save the file and upload it manually. 169 more words