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Structure of UNIX/Linux

This post follows on from the History of Linux.

 Operating system: The Kernel

UNIX is a layered operating system. The innermost layer is the hardware itself that provides the services for the OS. 1,400 more words

Secure Socket Shell

Kubuntu 16.04 GUI Audio Controls not working

I just upgraded to Kubuntu 16.04 beta and ran into a frustrating situation. My audio controls weren’t working; I tried my volume buttons, mute button and the little icon at the bottom (which happened to be highlighted in red). 236 more words


My filesystem has too many bits

I’ve been hacking away on a ODROID-C1 for the last few months and last week I ran into something quite interesting. My C1 refused to boot a new image and I simply couldn’t figure out what was going wrong. 366 more words


I installed new OS - Linux Kubuntu 15.10

This OS use KDE instead Unity with Ubuntu.

KDE user interface looks like Windows 10

Also i have list of programms which i installed with apt-get install… 44 more words

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Zabbix IRC Notifications

Some months ago I rolled out the terrifyingly fancy monitoring platform Zabbix to monitor all Blue Systems servers conveniently. Ever since then I wanted IRC notifications but there didn’t seem to be anything compelling available, so I got quickly annoyed and moved on. 707 more words


Building a Jenkins Security Realm

Last week I spent a good while on writing a new security realm for KDE’s Jenkins setups. The result of my tireless java brewing is that the… 439 more words


A Very Aptly Ruby API

At Blue Systems we are running a whole slew of different deb repositories all over the place. Primarily of course for the various CI systems we are working on for… 477 more words