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Linux in Oracle virtual Box

Realising that this website is mainly for Linux I thought now would be a good time to refer to it. Firstly, it should be noted that I am running various distros in virtual box. 242 more words

How to get rid of title bar in KDE to maximize screen real estate?

  1. Use you favorite text editor to edit the file


    In some distributions the .kde4 directory is called .kde (or something else like .kdemod4)

94 more words

Single click to open not working in Dolphin


I recently upgraded a Kubuntu 15.10 operating system to Kubuntu 16.04. I used to use single-click to open files and directories in the Dolphin file manager. 108 more words

How to install Unity after installing Kubuntu 16.04?

Somehow it’s not so straight forward to install Unity into a Kubuntu installation.
Here’s some background describing the package conflicts: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/account-plugins/+bug/1574045.

These notes should make the install work. 164 more words


Kubuntu install stuck with unmet dependencies


I tried to install Kubuntu on an existing Ubuntu system using this command:

$ sudo apt install kubuntu-desktop

And I got this package dependency error: 122 more words

Deja Dup crash on other location

Deja Dup, Duplicity front end on KUbuntu crashes on some setups when trying to initialise the other locations folder selection dialog.

Use the keyboard¬†instead of the mouse to change the selection to “other location”. 20 more words


Again I Played… Again I Lost.

… To. A.¬†Machine…

I really have to get better at arguing with inanimate objects…


Having an argument with Ubuntu again. 51 more words

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