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Ubuntu issues

It may be that weekends are the wrong time to tamper with computer OS… Last Sunday, I noticed my Bluetooth icon had a “turn off” option and since I only use Bluetooth for my remote keyboard and mouse when in Warwick, I turned it off, thinking I would turn it on again next week. 157 more words


Memasang Krita di Kubuntu 14.04

Krita merupakan perangkat lunak pengolah gambar opensource yang didesain dengan penempatan menu dan tool mirip dengan sotosop. Krita juga bisa sebagai alternatif bagi yang terlalu bingung menggunakan… 79 more words


Installing PDF Printer under Kubuntu with AppArmor and Samba

It actually should be as little as installing cups-pdf (CUPS-PDF (Ubuntuusers German)):

$ sudo apt-get install cups-pdf

Then opening Printers in system preferences did show the new printer. 240 more words

Hakre's Tips

Recommended Linux Distro for your Notebook

This is my first post in this blog, and I just tested some of linux distros on my notebook for the first time. First things in my head at the time is “what’s distro that suite with me? 275 more words


A Launchpad Module for Ruby

At some point last year I started to write a Launchpad API client in Ruby, for the very simple reason that Kubuntu CI tooling is almost entirely written in Ruby and I wanted to avoid round tripping into Python to use launchpadlib for trivial things such as querying the version of a package in a… 374 more words



More clowning for you.

I’m not the sharpest guy. At least, not in the sense of being really quick. Sometimes my creativity will make it seem so, but I’m really not that fast. 687 more words


setup iptable rules for transmission (torrents)

Without further addo, here it is, a working example how to configure iptables to allow transmission torrents to internet (udp 51413) + transmission remote RPC (tcp 9091, localnetwork only) + ssh (tcp 22, localnetwork only). 8 more words