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I used to write about Kubuntu when its new version was released. But for now, since my HDD is rather broken, and I have bought Raspberry Pi instead, so I want to write about Mate flavor of Ubuntu which fit to the ARM platform. 341 more words


Farewell to Heisenbug

So the last operating system I discussed in any depth was Fedora 20, which I installed around October 2014. Given the length of support that Red Hat gives any edition of Fedora, I was lucky that it was maintained until June 2015 owing to delays to Fedora 21. 470 more words


LTS again (Naturally)

After more than couple of years of using Arch Linux, probably the most popular rolling release distribution, on my laptop I find myself back on Ubuntu’s latest KDE flavoured LTS offering, i.e. 235 more words


Structure of UNIX/Linux

This post follows on from the History of Linux.

 Operating system: The Kernel

UNIX is a layered operating system. The innermost layer is the hardware itself that provides the services for the OS. 1,400 more words


Kubuntu 16.04

So close to being great. I used to really like Kubuntu then things got messy around Intrepid and I bailed. This is the most stable KDE5 I’ve used so far but it still had some random crashes and didn’t feel like shutting down a few times. 36 more words

Ubuntu Based

Kubuntu 16.04 GUI Audio Controls not working

I just upgraded to Kubuntu 16.04 beta and ran into a frustrating situation. My audio controls weren’t working; I tried my volume buttons, mute button and the little icon at the bottom (which happened to be highlighted in red). 236 more words


My filesystem has too many bits

I’ve been hacking away on a¬†ODROID-C1 for the last few months and last week I ran into something quite interesting. My C1 refused to boot a new image and I simply couldn’t figure out what was going wrong. 366 more words