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After the recent rains this young Kudu was running around with great energy in the wet grass. It looked to us as it was celebrating the relief from the drought!

South Africa

Mthethomusha Safari

I’ve just returned from a fantastic 17 day trip to South Africa and, as always, my first priority – to the chagrin of my long-suffering boyfriend, who would rather I was emptying my suitcase or helping to clean the flat – has been to edit down my several hundred photos. 414 more words


Working with Azure App Service: Kudu

I’m taking a break from coding to explain about a little known feature of the Azure App Service – Kudu. You can consider Kudu to be a backend system that alows you to get down to the very basics of what is happening behind the scenes of the portal. 394 more words

Web Development

Getting Azure Web App deployment status notifications in Slack


Azure Web Apps have a great feature: continuous deployment from different kinds of repositories: Visual Studio Online, OneDrive, a local Git repo, GitHub, Bitbucket, Dropbox or an external repo. 333 more words


Beho Beho Bushblog - Saningo - 26 October

The nature is pretty active in our immediate area and has been fair to me in my last few days in camp before I go home for my off-days, offering me and my colleagues an evening of excitement with a great sighting of Lion attempting to catch a buffalo right front of the camp during our dinner time, although that lion didn’t make a kill as the buffalo was more brave as he fought back and that made the lioness give up, but the sighting was so great, the guests enjoyed it so much. 603 more words


Simply Kudu

There is just something about the Kudu (Tragelaphus stepsiceros) which everyone seems to warm to, especially when captured in the fine setting of the forest area in Mana Pools during the early morning light. 252 more words



Are one of my favourite antelope. We didn’t see any bulls with trophy sized horns, around the Robins Camp area of Hwange National Park,  but as we drove closer to main camp, we saw a few. 37 more words