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Weekly Photo Challenge-Temporary


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



My temporary photos are from Botswana.

With tent in hand our guide walked over and pointed out… 133 more words


Merging hashtables

Hash tables in PowerShell are very useful and can be used for a bunch of things.   Recently I had to use some code I found on StackOverflow to… 572 more words


Apache KUDU : Case of the Disappearing Data

Working on moving a dataset from Oracle to Apache Kudu and was going through the Kudu examples to get more familiar with software. Was using the… 395 more words


AppService: Setting a time-zone with a WEBSITE_TIME_ZONE App Setting (and many more)

By default, your AppServices run in UTC. There is an almost undocumented (or at least very little known) feature of KUDU which allows you forcing a specific time zone to your application. 120 more words


Meanwhile on the Thames

Oops, I pushed the wrong button, so let me finish this now.

This Thames rhymes with “games,” Thames, not the other one.

This shot encompasses the most eclectic set of vessels ever gathered in an acre of water. 84 more words


Kudu on Termite Mound

A Kudu antelope cow (Tragelaphus strepsiceros) standing atop an termite mound is quite a common observation in Mana Pools. There is little reference as to why this antelope is attracted to these raised elevations and one can only guess this is either anti-predatory or the mount is a source of minerals and salts. 181 more words


Azure Web Deploy – Time out errors

Recently when we were trying to publish a web site to Azure ‘Deployment Slot’ using Visual Studio “Web Deploy” option, we encountered either Time out exception or VS hung after few files push. 113 more words