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Rhino Bath

So now there’s less than a month left of my stay here at Nyati and it is with very mixed feelings that I approach the end.. 304 more words

Microsoft and Cloudera target big, broad data with new storage systems

While industry analysts and vendors have long touted the promise of analyzing big data, building systems to do this has not always been easy. It has become especially difficult as companies try to analyze data in new ways, such as adding real-time analysis to what was previously a nightly job, or bringing in new types of data from previously unavailable sources like social media. 627 more words


Huruli Saaru Recipe / Kudu Saaru Recipe / Horsegram Rasam Recipe

Huruli saaru (rasam) is popularly called as Kudu Saaru in Udupi region and has a spicy, earthy flavor and tastes great with steamed rice. Horsegram rasam considered helpful for iron deficiencies, and is considered helpful for maintaining body temperature in the winter season. 242 more words


The Circle of Life

Greater Kudus are the largest antelope on Thanda. This magnificent bull was quite relaxed when we stopped near him. He continued to feed on bushes and ignored us even as we left after this early morning sighting. 179 more words


A Feast For The Imagination

The termite was tiny; it didn’t really count. When Mr. Mafuka plucked it from the enormous mound and asked who wanted to give it a try, I stepped forward enthusiastically. 455 more words


Mokala National Park - Day 1

Mid-August, my family and I spent a few days at Mokala National Park. The park is known for its protection of endangered animals, and therefore the rare antelope that can be found there. 45 more words