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Arava Antelope Ranch

They imported 140 antelopes from four species: Kudu, Blesbok, Impala and Springbok. Besides the above mentioned antelope species, we keep also eland gemsbok, addax, wildebeest, Nubian ibex, barbary sheep, mouflon (Cameroon sheep), pygmy goat, red deer and Sika deer, and the highly endangered African wild ass. 103 more words


Visitor for breakfast 

Was eating my breakfast watching the view and minding my own business when suddenly we had a visitor just outside the camp fence line (where it’s been taken down). 488 more words


Down a dusty path...

We stopped at an open area between the thick bush and saw a wonderful sight walking toward us from out the morning sun rays.

A group of elephants of all sizes, obviously aiming for a waterhole a few kilometers behind us. 184 more words


Terrapin, picnic and a kudu

As we drove along we came to a waterhole and saw a Terrapin attempting scaling up the edge…

He was obviously very determined but being a terrapin also very slow. 87 more words

Nikon D90

The Grazers

Most of the animals we saw on our trip to South Africa are grazers.  The Red-billed Oxpeckers on the back of this giraffe probably aren’t, although that’s what it looked like to me. 206 more words


[Azure] Extension Kudu needs Proxy

Dạo này có một số bạn gởi email cho mình và report về tình trạng không thể sử dụng được Kudu trên những Azure Web App mới tạo. 285 more words