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Nidia - "Capacidades"

Hiking ought to be banned. Contact a politician today. Demand that change be legislated. Anyone with their self-preservation genes still intact should have better tact than to go out into nature with the intention of walking aimlessly; this much is a fact. 136 more words


Demon Beatzz RecordZz - “Carnaval sambila 2018 PDDG”

The calendar is missing an entry. In the face of a new day and week, month and year, the careful observer of time cannot help but notice a glaring absence on the grid. 87 more words


Deejay Poco Louco - “Sai Di Strada”

It’s a full count, which wouldn’t normally be a problem but Sellers walked the batter to load the bases. Called in to clean up a mess, Sellers’ room for ever narrowed from slim to none. 136 more words


Zvuci Angole

Ovog puta pišem o Angoli, ali na malo drugačiji način od onoga na koji sam pisala o Senegalu. Ona je druga stanica na mom malom putu kroz Afriku. 832 more words


African Rock Music Essentials: Throes + The Shine

Sometimes you find good music; sometimes good music finds you. In this case, it was the latter. Throes + The Shine found me when I was scouring the internet for kuduro music to showcase on my blog, and while that post never made its way to the blog, Throes + The Shine managed to leave an imprint in my mind. 202 more words