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Far out, man

The thing about Al’s coffee shop is that there’s generally a good discussion going on, usually about current doings in physics or astronomy.  This time it’s in the physicist’s corner but they’re not writing equations on the whiteboard Al put up over there to save on paper napkins.  707 more words

Drafting an atlas of our planetary neighborhood

An object over 132 billion miles away will help locate far-off, frigid worlds. At the Outer Solar System Origins Survey (OSSOS), a multinational team works every New Moon to peer into the depths of space. 461 more words


Hidden mysteries of the Kuiper Belt to be revealed

After the groundbreaking discoveries made from the first close encounter flyby of the Pluto system, NASA’s New Horizons mission was extended to dive further into the… 698 more words


New Record - Photo Taken Most Distant From Earth

According to TheVerge –

The previous record holder for the farthest picture was NASA’s Voyager 1. The probe, which flew by Jupiter and Saturn before heading out to interstellar space, captured a distant picture of Earth on February 14th, 1990, when Voyager 1 was 3.75 billion miles away. 100 more words

These Record Breaking Pics Were Snapped Further Out in Space Than Any Picture Ever Taken

The NASA New Horizons probe just set a new interstellar exploration record, taking pictures from further out in space than ever before – it snapped the shots you see above some 6.12 billion kilometres (3.79 billion miles) away from Earth. 429 more words


New Horizons Captures Record-Breaking Images in the Kuiper Belt

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft recently turned its telescopic camera toward a field of stars, snapped an image – and made history.

Source: New Horizons Captures Record-Breaking Images in the Kuiper Belt… 27 more words


Our farthest-out camera sends cosmic snapshot

Two and a half years after becoming the first probe to study Pluto up close, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is gaining more fame for possessing the solar system’s farthest-out camera in operation. 148 more words