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Beyond Yuggoth and Heading for the Kuiper Belt

 Mi-Go by Steve Maschuck

Last year in July the New Horizons spacecraft passed by the Yuggothian system and is now currently heading for the Kuiper Belt, which is a disc-shaped region beyond the orbit of Neptune that contains a variety of icy bodies including dwarf planets (like Yuggoth) and comets.  286 more words

H.P. Lovecraft

A New Moon is Discovered in the Solar System

Turns out there is something new under the Sun, at least to us; on Tuesday, April 26 scientists announced the discovery of a new moon in the Solar System—but it’s not around Earth, or Jupiter, or Saturn, or any of the planets that you’ve long been familiar with. 415 more words


Introducing Michele Bannister

Dr Michele Bannister is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Victoria, in British Columbia. She specializes in searching for icy worlds in the outer Solar System, and has been involved in the discovery of more than five hundred new trans-Neptunian objects. 148 more words

What ITC Groups Could Learn From the Ancients (8.3)

To get a better understanding of the “Ancients” who shaped the human heritage, I think we have to trace much further back in time than what seems reasonable today. 1,764 more words

Creation of the Kuiper Belt

Recently in class we’ve been talking about the outer portion of our Solar System. Beyond Neptune lies the Kuiper Belt, the disc-shaped region that begins at about 30 AUs and ends around 55 AUs. 195 more words


Nut jobs think earth could be destroyed any day now!

Unless you have been living under a rock since January, a POSSIBLE new planet has been discovered. It has an odd elongated orbit and could take around 20,0000 years to complete a single orbit around our sun. 210 more words

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