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Picture Perfect Pluto

Mysteries of the solar system’s misfit planet may finally be solved this month as NASA’s New Horizons space probe approaches Pluto to shed light on the ex-planet we’ve left well within the darkness. 613 more words


 Is Pluto a planet?

A countless number of objects orbit the sun, including asteroids, comets, and several large planets. Until recently, most objects known to orbit the sun were either very large (planets) or very small (asteroids or comets). 2,686 more words

New Horizons

I noticed that NASA’s New Horizon’s space probe is getting closer to Pluto and should pass by on July 14 of this year. The mission to Pluto began when New Horizons launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on January 19, 2006. 197 more words


The ‘waters above’

The disks of gas, dust and debris observed with modern infrared and millimetre-wave instruments in nearby star systems are considered to act as locators to large colliding bodies. 4,622 more words

John Hartnett

He is Saturn,

and I am an asteroid in the Kuiper Belt.

I rise and fall in such a quick death.


In one month, the spacecraft New Horizons will arrive at Pluto, after nine years of voyage at 60 times the speed of a modern jetliner and 85 years after the planet’s discovery by… 195 more words


Latest New Horizon Pluto Pictures from NASA

Latest Pluto pix from New Horizon space probe. Surface features are beginning to show. Full story on NASA site. Follow this link: Only 32 days till Pluto flyby 13 more words