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Happy Hanukkah! #8: Quaoar!

Hey, everybody! Well, it’s that time of year again. I hope you’re having a great holiday season so far. As a Hanukkah gift a couple of years ago, I ran down the… 772 more words


The NULL Solution = Episode 44

The NULL Solution = Episode 44

…Asteroids do not exceed SOL, nor do they weave their way through the busyness of the Kuiper Belt…

A lone Ÿ€Ð cruiser has entered Earth’s solar system, their initial venture in search of ⃝    , 441 more words

Science Fiction

Rock of Egos

NASA’s New Horizons probe is flying through the Kuiper Belt (home of the Solar System’s comets) and about to survey a large rock. The rock is named “ 148 more words


A visitor from outer space: Astrophysicists struggle to determine the origin of fast-moving object zipping across the Solar System

A/2017 U1 is the codename given to a fast-moving object that’s currently doing the rounds across the Solar System.

The object is about a quarter of a mile in size, moving at about 15.8 miles per second on a strong hyperbolic orbit (that is, it is moving fast enough to escape the gravitational pull of the sun). 139 more words


Explorations: 5

Pluto, a dwarf planet; Triton, a moon of Neptune; and Phoebe, a moon of Saturn; all exhibit unusual characteristics, such as distinct elemental composition and retrograde orbits; as compared to other, similar objects in planetary portion of our solar system. 697 more words


October 2017 Forecast: Venus & Mars Meet Under A Fullmoon

#Saturday Oct 30 2017October 2017 Astrology Forecast This month we start off with a harmonious trine with Mars and Pluto, also later on in the 3rd Venus then trines Pluto.  17 more words


Nasa to wake up New Horizons spacecraft

Nasa to wake up New Horizons spacecraft for voyage into mysterious Third Zone

Nasa is to wake up its New Horizons spacecraft next month following a five month hibernation, ahead of a journey deeper into one of the most mysterious regions of the Solar System. 228 more words