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Popular Science's Planet #9

The elusive Planet Nine might be responsible for this asteroid’s bizarre orbit

Something’s got the Kuiper belt’s rocks off, and there’s a scramble to find it. 761 more words


Pluto: An Update on the Honorary Planet

I wrote about Pluto a little over a year ago, in ‘Pluto: The Honarary Planet’, after a paper appeared criticizing the International Astronomical Union’s decision in 2006 to demote Pluto to some lesser status, perhaps ‘minor planet’, ‘dwarf planet’, or ‘planetoid’, thus reducing the ‘official’ list of true planets in our Solar System to eight. 688 more words


Kuiper belt

Comets come in two types of orbits: the ones with the orbital period less than 200 years (which tends to orbit the sun with the same plane that planets occupied)and those more than 200 years (which may have orbit tilted whichever w). 451 more words


Mystery in the Kuiper Belt

Though it unfortunately doesn’t come with a fun apocalyptic theory like Planet X of the 1980s, several groups of scientists are beginning to believe that there might be a ninth planet in the solar system. 281 more words



The kids narrowed it down to each of their personal favorites.


Kuiper (as in Kuiper Belt, pronounced “KIE-Per”)


My kids are science nerds. 351 more words


413 Origin of Comets

Where do comets come from? This question has nagged at astronomers and even terrified the masses for thousands of years. Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe brought the first semblance of order to comet science in 1577 when he showed that these objects lie far beyond Earth’s atmosphere. 148 more words

Solar System

Far out, man

The thing about Al’s coffee shop is that there’s generally a good discussion going on, usually about current doings in physics or astronomy.  This time it’s in the physicist’s corner but they’re not writing equations on the whiteboard Al put up over there to save on paper napkins.  707 more words