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Pluto, a dwarf planet; Triton, a moon of Neptune; and Phoebe, a moon of Saturn; all exhibit unusual characteristics, such as distinct elemental composition and retrograde orbits; as compared to other, similar objects in planetary portion of our solar system. 697 more words


October 2017 Forecast: Venus & Mars Meet Under A Fullmoon

#Saturday Oct 30 2017October 2017 Astrology Forecast This month we start off with a harmonious trine with Mars and Pluto, also later on in the 3rd Venus then trines Pluto.  17 more words


Nasa to wake up New Horizons spacecraft

Nasa to wake up New Horizons spacecraft for voyage into mysterious Third Zone

Nasa is to wake up its New Horizons spacecraft next month following a five month hibernation, ahead of a journey deeper into one of the most mysterious regions of the Solar System. 228 more words


Pluto: Still a planet, always a planet.

Poor Pluto. I wrote a detailed essay about my feelings back in 2014, before New Horizons had gotten close enough to reveal the stunning images of Pluto and Charon that it painstakingly sent back at 38 kbps. 305 more words


Dwarf Planets

Hello, friends. Today in this blog I am going to share some information about the dwarf planets. These dwarf planets are those celestial objects which can neither be called a planet nor a satellite. 342 more words


Astronomers turn eyes to New Horizons target beyond Pluto

Astronomers are carefully watching tiny shadows to learn about MU69, the mysterious Kuiper belt object that the New Horizons space probe is heading for.

The New Horizons space probe, which made headlines around the world in 2015 when it beamed back humanity’s best-ever views of Pluto, is currently hurtling through the outer reaches of the solar system on its way to a rendezvous with a lump of ice known as MU69. 499 more words



BREAKING NEWS! Something (unknown) has been found in an area in space known as the Kuiper belt, and it is huge. Plus, the strange thing about it is, not only that its extreme mass is bending gravity, but that it’s never been noticed before. 411 more words

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