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Jordan B Peterson

Jordan B Peterson

Today is my first time hearing of this Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto. A voice of resonance howling in the wilderness.

Could an objective observer have identified Nazi Germany as the 'worst of the worst' in the 1930s?

The horrors of the Holocaust were a pivotal turning point in international relations. Interventionists believe the Holocaust was preventable. They further believe that diplomats prevented intervention because nation-states were deemed to be sovereign in their domestic policies. 691 more words


A Tale of Dreadlocks and Kulaks

Sometimes the unfolding American cultural scene strikes me as surreal. Sometimes it really seems that America has been transformed into some kind of Alice in Wonderland society in which logic, or, least, what historically has passed as logic, is routinely and zealously turned on its head. 728 more words

Jim Langcuster