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Totalitarianism - when even your thoughts are not your own

Totalitarianism is a political system in which the state holds total authority over society and seeks to control all aspects of public and private life wherever possible ( 1,647 more words

Grain: the currency of currencies

Back to reading Stalin, which I would like to complete by the end of February. This on one grain as the currency of currencies, in the midst the intensified class struggle with the kulaks: 80 more words


Stalin in the 1930s Part I: Collectivization

By the end of the nineteen thirties, Joseph Stalin was a master magician who had weaved a spell of terror upon the Soviet whole population – a spell in which truth would be suppressed and utterly unneeded.  1,042 more words

History & Culture

Hitler, Stalin, and Uncle Sam

A quick comparison of these three iconic, political figures will turn up some very disturbing similarities. While two of these figures are real people and the other is a representation of a nation, it is what these individual figures stand for and the policies they represent that matter. 537 more words


Oh, Ukraine

Long before the aggression of Vladimir Putin, Ukraine stood in the way of a bulldozer originating from Moscow.

Most people know little of the famine that occurred in Ukraine during the 1930s due to World War Two and the atrocities that took place in that war — effectively eliminating from history the time period immediately before, and the fact that after 1941 the Soviet Union was an official ally of the United States and the United Kingdom which led to certain episodes in Soviet history being swept under the rug.   417 more words

Should Cameron Get their Order of Stalin?

Russian Medal celebrating Stalin’s 130th anniversary

If I was an Englishman, I would be a Conservative!

– Soviet premier Nikita Khruschev, angry at being given a rough reception by the Labour party over the Soviet imprisonment of Socialist dissidents. 116 more words


Pen Portraits- Nikolai I. Bukharin

NIKOLAI I. BUKHARIN (1888-1938) Russia


Political Theorist




Next to Lenin, Bukharin was the most intellectually gifted among the Russian revolutionary leaders of 1917, and his pre-revolutionary writings on imperialism and the State anticipated many conclusions Lenin arrived and acted upon. 280 more words