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Ep. 37 Freedom, with complications

Gerhard was free to go home. The train home took most of a week, all the while he wondered – what was next? Who would be left? 1,318 more words

The Holocaust, World War II, and Gulag Novel You've Never Heard About And Must Read: Vasily Grossman's Life And Fate (1960)

  Life and Fate travels from bloody street fighting in Stalingrad between the armies of Stalin and Hitler to torture chambers in the Lubyanka, headquarters of the Soviet secret police.  2,553 more words

Source: Marxists Internet Archive

[**Related: The 1917 Peasant Revolutions by Sarah Badcock, associate professor of history at University of Nottingham, specializing in imperial and revolutionary Russia, and in the history of punishment.]

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Jordan B Peterson

Jordan B Peterson

Today is my first time hearing of this Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto. A voice of resonance howling in the wilderness.