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Where do you focus on in life?

Have you noticed your life always goes where you fovus on. Energy follows focus anf so your energy would go where your focus is. Some of us focus on situations we cannot control, some others on their present circumstances while yet others focus on their past. 165 more words


Why Cameroon couldn't win AFCON 2015.

The nations cup is a football jamboree played every two years in a host of african countries. It was held this year in Equatorial Quinea because Morrocco refused to host the tournament for fear of the Ebola virus. 271 more words


Are you victim of domestic violence?

Domestic violence is a serious issue in our society today. Though mostly women are victim of it, because they are the weaker sex, men are not exempted. 198 more words


How not to spoil your child.

A lot of parents are amazed when their children grow up to be stubborn, disrespectful and miscreant. This is mostly rampant in homes where the children where raised up by a single mom. 513 more words


Why men want career women nowadays.

There is a trend now prevalent in Cameroon whereby most men are quick to tell you the profession of their wives as soon as you strike a conversation with them. 190 more words


5 tips to get your dream job.

Getting a job in today’s economy is becoming more difficult because of the high number of job seekers and the few enterprises offering jobs. Follow these 4 tips to get your dream job. 313 more words


Which would you marry? A woman with or without kids?

There is a lot of controversy among men about the best woman to get married to – with or without kids? Most men prefer one or the other because of one reason or another. 178 more words