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XTRA – KUMBA @iii_xtra

This unique Singer “XTRA” who is an undergraduate of University of Nigeria Nsukka, wrote his first song at the age of ten. Later in the year 2006 he went commercial in order to blend with what is invoke in Todays Naija Music Industry. 55 more words


Sishen Slippen

Sishen Slippen

“The biggest news is that they have suspended their interim dividend, which is terrible news for people who owned them for their dividend yield and for Anglo who used Kumba as a cash cow. 1,645 more words


Kumba -Mamfe Road Under Construction

There was once a time when if you ever had to go to Manyu division passing through Kumba, you will know you are in for a nightmare. 432 more words


What is more important? Whether a rat passed or whether a rat passed from left to right?

How many times has a wonderful gathering been spoiled by some foolish argument that in retrospect everyone agrees makes no sense. How many times have couples gotten into a fight all because everyone was trying to get their point of view heard? 404 more words


5 tips to release the greatness in you.

There is a greatness in everyone of us screaming to get out. Some of us pay attention to it and do things required to be successful while others completely ignore it with self-limiting thoughts. 378 more words


How to fire up your faith.

A lot of people believe that as soon as they give their lives to Christ, then they are born again and everything is finsihed in their christian lives. 482 more words


Should a woman's tribe keep you from marrying her?

In Cameroon and Africa in general, there are several tribes. Cameroon alone has about 234 clans speaking different dialects. Though this can be seen as a diversity in language and culture, it can get in the way of a man getting married to a woman. 254 more words