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Why We Can't All Just Get Along

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Didn’t think I was this much into lyrics until I started this site. Guess it makes sense though; I love words, words form lyrics, ergo when I hear interesting lyrics I get the urge to expound on it, break it down, dissect and try to get to the meaning behind the catchy tune. 230 more words


Kumbaya! - Webserie

Ein Projekt, an dem ich sehr gerne mitgewirkt habe.

Ab jetzt auf Vimeo zusehen: kumbayaserie.de

In Farbe & kostenlos!

Dennis Riebenstahl

High School Hippies 1969 | California

So… I happened upon this glorious find today and just had to talk about it. This is the kind of thing that gives me butterflies and a goofy and aptly groovy grin. 116 more words

Mary Honeychild

My Daughter, Jewish Aggressor

One thing I’ve enjoyed about living on the east coast is proximity to so many interesting places. Growing up in the midwest meant a drive of at least three hours to get to another metropolitan area, and sometimes that metropolitan area was still on the small side (I’m thinking of you, Des Moines). 638 more words


Romancing the Mind.

Why the Gypsy Apprentice? The autodidact? The pilgrim? It’s because I believe in the quest to feel life, so I can live it better.

For me, it’s not gut feelings that influence my decisions or processes. 1,003 more words


The Kindergarten Kumbayah Moment

Dear Kitten,

At your sixth birthday party:

Kid 1: I’m six, how old are you?

Kid 2: I’m five and a half.

Kid 3: Oh ya? 59 more words


New Year's.

I’ve already bought my New Year’s dress. I know, kind of early, but I saw a mini dress covered in black sequins and I was sold. 758 more words