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Is It The World Or Just Me Who Has Changed?

The idea that one day the world would change because of people standing in a circle, holding hands and singing “Kumbaya” used to sound cheesy, unrealistic and trite to me.  46 more words


National Brotherhood Week

Aardvark was moved by the joint appearance last evening, on the PBS Evening News and elsewhere, of the Democratic and Republican baseball team managers. Aardvark approves, in the abstract, the advice that “let’s all cool the rhetoric.” … 132 more words

Opening the Receiving Door of the Heart Chakra

There are two apertures that regulate the heart chakra; not just one. One door regulates the love we give out and the other regulates the love that we are willing to receive. 636 more words

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Walking among them

Ever feel you had a bang on the head and woke up in an alternate universe? That’s how I feel at the moment in this world. 513 more words

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Q is for Queue. #AtoZChallenge

I’m tired, and I’ve got so much going on. So, let’s depart from my usual post, and I’ll share with you my recent music queue. 193 more words

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The lights went out.

“Welcome to Dearly Beloved’s Kumbaya Night,” a Charlton Heston like voice boomed from overhead. 2,894 more words


#ZumaMustFall / #PeoplesMarch / #AntiZumaMarch playlist

1. Kumbaya
2. I said a boom-a-chicka-boom
3. G-R-O-another O-V-Y give me a Groovy
4. The more we are together, together, together (cause your friends are my friends) 51 more words

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