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BLANKFEIN: It's tough out there, but we're 'not just sitting around singing kumbaya'

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein is hoping the 147-year-old bank can learn some new tricks.

In an interview with CNBC’s David Faber, Blankfein said that the current market environment isn’t that supportive for big merger deals, individual investments, and the types of things that Goldman staff have traditionally made their living on. 229 more words

Money Matters

How I Became A Socialist, Hippie Tree Hugger

Firstly,  let me just preface this by explaining –  I AM CANADIANEH 😊

To me, this is a heritage to not only be proud of,  but to be cherished and nurtured.   671 more words


What in the world is going on?? I mean, on top of the constant bad worldy news – draughts, terrorist attacks, corruption, impending economy collapse, impeding war?… It seems that people’s personal lives are in chaos too. 772 more words


A Neighborly O’er the Backyard Fence Chat

Just a few days ago, while taking five from my yard work (mowing down dandelions), I struck up a conversation with my next-door neighbor. We wound up chatting about Hillary Clinton vs. 538 more words


Camp Wehinahpay

In the 1960’s, military brats made good Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. I was a Cub Scout in Arizona, a Webelo in Sequin, Texas and a Boy Scout in El Paso, Texas. 440 more words

Military Brat

Don't "Reach Out", Just Give Them A Call

I wrote a piece about some of the most over used and misused words on the internet. (Click here to read.)

Today I want to write about one of the most over used terms in the business world and how we have minimized the meaning of this term with its misuse. 543 more words


From Small Town to Big City to Small Town - Why I Returned

It’s a question I’m still asked.

“So…why’d you move home?”

I returned to my hometown of Arborg, Manitoba in October 2014.

It seems bizarre, I know, when someone fought for 13 years to get into a journalism program – Creative Communications at Red River College – work two years in Alberta, spend the summer on radio – then decide out of the blue to move to their hometown. 312 more words