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Movie Review: The Boy and the Beast (Japan 2015) ***1/2

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THE BOY AND THE BEAST (Japan 2015) ***1/2
Directed by Mamoru Hosoda… 586 more words

Casshern (2004)

A medical researcher inadvertently creates a race of humanoids who, faced with extermination by the military, promptly rebel and declare war on mankind in a flashy live action anime that’s frankly all over the place. 177 more words


Asian Horror Weekend - Pulse (2001)

Director: Kiyoshi Kurosawa

Writer: Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Screenplay)

Starring: Haruhiko Kato, Kumiko Aso, Koyuki, Kurume Arisaka, Masatoshi Matsuo, Shinji Takeda, Jun Fubuki, Shun Sugata

Plot: Japanese university students investigate a series of suicides linked to an Internet Web cam that promises visitors the chance to interact with the dead. 640 more words


PFF24: The Boy and the Beast (Mamoru Hosoda, JPN)

Burrowed discreetly within a Shibuya, Tokyo back alley is a passage to the mythical world of Jutengai: a fantastical land of beasts on the cusp of a leadership change. 436 more words


Miss Hokusai / Sarusuberi: Miss Hokusai (2015)

Perhaps a bit too fragmented if one were to go through the film with a fine tooth comb and choose to be nitpicky about the way the film has chosen to chronicle the life of Katsushika O-Ei, but otherwise Miss Hokusai honestly turned out to be a vastly satisfying, not to mention visually gorgeous experience. 420 more words

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31 Days of Fear: Pulse (Kairo)

One day of Halloween horror just isn’t enough here at FILM IN WORDS, therefore, we’ve curated 31 days 472 more words
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