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Kumsusan Palace of the Sun. This is where the embalmed corpses of the former leaders are displayed.

The security was heavier than any airports I’ve been to. 152 more words

Life In China

Memories collide - When Kim Il-sung meets Li Wang-yang

Travel Journal by Dino Wong, text on wall

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Kim Jong Il's Body To Be Embalmed, Permanently Displayed In Memorial Palace

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea said Thursday it will enshrine Kim Jong Il’s body in the palace housing his father, the national founder, deepening its veneration of the Kim dynasty as the country transfers power to a third generation of the family. 445 more words


North Korea to display Kim Jong-il's body

The body of late North Korean leader Kim Jong-il will be placed on permanent display at a palace also housing the embalmed body of his father… 248 more words


North Korea to Preserve and Display Kim Jong Il's Body

Kim Jong Il described himself as an “eternal ruler.” That description seems a bit more literal following the announcement that North Korea will embalm its Dear Leader for posterity. 378 more words


North Korea:Kim Jong Il funeral held in Pyongyang

Laaska news  Dec. 28, 2011
Border town quiet on Kim funeral day

The funeral of the late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has been held in Pyongyang. 389 more words


The divine right of Kims

If I was an anthropologist, I’d drop what I was doing and glue myself to the North Korean TV channels for the next 24 hours as “the… 652 more words

Black Death