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When Energy Overwhelms

Many westerners today are activating energy through spiritual practices, energy practices, healing, somatic therapies and trauma. Although they may have entered these experiences expecting to feel more aliveness and release old stuck patterns, they often do not understand the full potentials, both positive and negative, should the life force called kundalini awaken in the process. 865 more words

Through Dreams

In my dreams last night, I said goodbye to those in my past who I will not have an opportunity to say goodbye as I move onto the next phase of my journey.   264 more words


First Step to Transformation

It has taken me most of this lifetime to find inner peace.  It has always been illusive to me because I wanted to control everyone, everything, and all situations around me.   231 more words


Living in Fear

Most of us may not even realize it, but we live with constant fear nearly every minute of every day. Fear is not just about being frightened about any particular thing, person, or event, it is a mental state.   463 more words


Love: Living Beyond Dependency

The truth is that most of our relationships are dependencies.  Love is unconditional while dependency requires the condition that we are with the other person or that we serve certain conditions in each other’s lives.   376 more words


Accepting the End

When I saw this above meme, I realize it was speaking to me.  For the past five years, I have been letting go of everything I have ever known or understood about my own life.   429 more words


The Soul Does NOT Negotiate With Terrorists

Consider your life here to be a hostage situation:

You feel deeply inspired to move in a new direction with your life: new relationship, new career, new place to live, or new Spirit based purpose. 951 more words