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III:6-8 The Dharma of Action

The role of ‘action’ in spiritual evolution. 

My own orientation, Surrender Meditation, is strongly reflected in my commentary on these verses, but it is certainly not the only valid perspective. 946 more words



The word ‘Prana’ in Pranayam means energy of life-that vital energy which we draw into ourselves from the surrounding universe every moment.Since this energy is obtained primarily by breathing,it may be translated as breath in this particular context.But the word ‘Prana’ has much broader reference for all the powers of the body & all functions of the senses & mind are regarded as expression of the force of Prana. 226 more words


April 3rd - Kundalini and her pulsing pains!

Last night while doing meditation in bed, I started feeling like millions of internal chills and shivers. I exactly knew where each shiver came from. Because all of them had an explicit starting point someplace in the middle of the body and then radiated outwards covering nearly the whole body. 537 more words


April Schedule

Sat Nam Yogis,

Today is Good Friday and this is my favourite holiday of all time. I don’t know what makes it so special. Maybe its because I have such a deep connection with the Creator and Creation.   80 more words

Kundalini Yoga

April 2, 2015 – inner chills, jolting and lights!

Last night was kind of a breakthrough for me. I did not manage to AP, but I had another nice experience. I went to bed at 1:00 AM, I was just not tired enough to go to bed earlier. 678 more words


Kundalini Shakti...crawling upwards

I have been going through a cathartic experience lately and I haven’t been posting much as I used to. These past three weeks or so have been a kind of spiritual purging for me.  533 more words


Visual spectacle!

Today I spent some money to get myself a treat. I went to a Green nail spa and I have to say it was amazing! When I went there I was actually going for only manicure and pedicure, but as soon I entered the spa, and I saw all these beautiful colors for nails, I needed to choose a gel color for my finger nails. 445 more words