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The Unveil 

During my “awakening” according to Eckhart Tolle he explains his own awakening state. The dark night of the soul (it’s deep and may seem complex but just keep this in mind). 391 more words



How exciting! There will be an online Kundalini Congress happening this December 2016.

I, Hana Rubinstejnova, will be one of the interviewed persons about my personal experience with Kundalini awakening. 37 more words


Moving Towards Fear

For most of my life, I have run away from what scared me.  This may be people, situation, and places.  The people I fear the most are my parents because they injured me as a child, and left deep emotional scars within me from the abuse. 224 more words


The Effect of Ego on Perception

I have observed recently countless numbers of people emotionally reacting negatively to their life situations.  For example, one student accused a professor of targeting his comments toward her in a class.   497 more words


Shedding Our Skin

On our Kundalini awakening journey, we, like the serpent, shed our skin until we find our authentic selves.  On this journey, we shed the layers of our smaller selves created through lifetimes of trauma, suffering, and negative experiences.   326 more words


Family Karma

I have been contemplating the concept of family karma recently.  My family has a history of incest/sexual violations, mental illness, and violence.  This is true of both sides of my family, my father’s and mother’s family.   286 more words


Moving Past the Drama

Until my recent transformation, I was unaware that I created, invited, or associated with people who love to bring drama into my life.  When we are emotionally injured and wounded, we feel like a victim.   308 more words