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Today I feel like a lobster, molting. I’m delicate, sensitive, and haven’t quite got my bearings. I crave solitude and quiet. I hide away in the rocks, saying little to those around me. 410 more words

The Voyage

Why I Am Writing This Blog

Since I have been navigating the journey of my life in a more awakened state, I feel an overwhelming urge to share my thoughts, ideas and perspective with anyone who will listen. 262 more words

The Spiritual Symbolism Of Lightning

When Tony Cicoria was 42 years old, he was hit by lightning while standing by a public telephone. He initially had problems with sluggishness and memory loss following the incident, but an EEG and an MRI showed no unusual activity. 703 more words


End Of Year Thoughts 2017

This past year has been without doubt the single most challenging year of my life. It was harder than each of the years my mother was hospitalized because of her mental illness. 856 more words


2017 Wrap Up

As 2017 winds down, looking back to the beginning of the year, we put a new president into the White House, one whom I (and many others) would soon recognize as having a personality disorder. 842 more words

Holistic Healing

About Seekers

What’s the value in saying something about something when you know that you’ll never ever come close to explaining the fullness of what you are speaking about?   1,509 more words

Charlie Morris

Kundalini Rising & the Rewiring Process

If anyone is interested, this is what is going on with me right now, converting from old 3D DNA to 5D via Kundalini Yoga and energy. 7 more words