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The Right Path

When we are on the right path, the distractions along the way never take us off our path, although we may stop to smell the roses along the way. 11 more words


The Steps to Transformation

I had several people recently request help.  I decided to write a post instead responding to each person individually because the advice is the same.   First and foremost, others do not help us, we help ourselves.   429 more words


Evolution of Your Life

In the course of the evolution of my life, I have learned many invaluable lessons and insights into life in general.   What I have learned is that most relationships or people we encounter are karmic relationships.   543 more words


Accepting the Intense Energy, External and Internal Change

We all do it. Resist our spiritual, or soul process. Letting our heads run the show.

Lately the energy onslaught has been so intense personally I find myself using extreme phrases I would not normally use, like “energy attacks”, and “being affected by inner and outer demons”. 497 more words


Growing Pains

In every relationship there is a purpose, however, we may not know the exact purpose until the relationship is over.  As I reflect upon my past relationships, the ones that lasted were relationships that I met through synchronicity, and they were relationships without great obstacles.   296 more words


A Selection of True Awakening Experiences Part II

This article is a contribution to Barbara Franken’s challenge Inspiring Others By Our Own Awakening Experience.

In early March, 2011, I began living an awakened life when I raised my Kundalini energy. 607 more words


Like Ships in the Night

One of the main life lessons on our spiritual journey is learning to let go.  It was one of the hardest and most painful life lessons.   338 more words