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Kundalini Rising & the Rewiring Process

If anyone is interested, this is what is going on with me right now, converting from old 3D DNA to 5D via Kundalini Yoga and energy. 7 more words


Kundalini Awakening and Other Musings

I’ve been doing energy work every week, listening to youtube singing bowl meditations / chakra clearing. I also been attending Kundalini yoga classes, listening to mantras and attending in person singing bowl guided meditations. 125 more words


SukhaVati: The Dance of the Kundalini

There are deep energetic elements which go beyond the physical. A beginner’s mind won’t even understand this. Kriyavatis are manifestations of high and intense energetic absorption such that bodily movements are governed not by logic but mostly by energy flow. 222 more words

About Kundalini Awakening


Every week I meet more amazing people who have activated the energy of kundalini, intensifying the life force in their bodies.  They may have blissful moments and great leaps of consciousness, but they often report difficulties adjusting to the changes it brings. 351 more words



We come into our souls when we transcend our selves, our bodies. In a way it’s impossible to do that. Everything that informs us, this moment, our awareness, is a function of this body whose karma traces far and beyond the first bacterial life forms nourishing themselves with the sun’s rays 3.5 billion years ago. 425 more words

Bypassing Pathology. Kundalini - Chaos & Completion.

Not everything is as it seems. I never once fell into these unorthodox sites, spiritual ideas and dynamically brilliant people that have led me ‘ 1,963 more words


Hanging On

The past few weeks have been exceptionally crazy. I know it’s hard to believe that things could get any crazier around here, but they have. With the media in a frenzy because of our President’s inappropriate responses to recent mass devastation, and Hollywood outing another sleazebag, my system has been maxed out. 302 more words