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Current Kundalini Energy Symptoms

It has been a while for me that I felt Kundalini symptoms and I was almost certain that I may have imagined everything up to the point of tactile sensations. 547 more words


Asana-The Book...now has a site!

Here and there on this site you can see mentioned my book, Asana.  I feel draw to writing about yoga a lot lately.  And if I ever do get that time I am hoping for I’d love to create videos around it as well.   216 more words

Charlie Morris

Yoga: A New Language

It’s not really called yoga, any more than “tree” is what we call those tall bark covered leafy things that grow out of the ground all around this planet.   1,101 more words


Sheer Physics

I woke up suddenly, it is about 5:00 am.   I look around the room and everything feels different in ways that I can’t describe.  It is like waking up into a new life, a new karmic path, but the walls still look the same.  862 more words


Dreams and strange uncontrolled jumps in the night

I still do not feel any energy movements whatsoever. The only thing I feel now and then are these strange inner chills that are very spotted. 581 more words


It has been a very long time

Dear friends, indeed it has been a long time, since I reported about my progress… I went through a rough period and I could say that the energy got lower and lower and even the buzzing, vibration that I felt so strong a few months ago, was slowly drifting away. 848 more words


I am intoxicated with thy love

Its been more than one year that I got the Kriya Initiation. Kriya Yoga is an ancient technique of meditation, which helps one in rapid spiritual evolution. 468 more words

Kundalini Awakening