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Magnificent Transformation

Today is an important day on my spiritual journey.  I let go of what was, so to look forward to what is waiting for me.  It has been a monumental struggle to emotionally let go of those who hurt me.   288 more words


Repeating Patterns

Albert Einstein expressed it the best with his above quote. Our life problems repeat in patterns.  So if there exists repeating situations or events in our life then it is our problems and not others. 348 more words


A Serpent's Destiny

By the light of the horizon,

I shed my old serpent skin.

Shimmering in the beyond,

Lies the future awaiting me.

My past is just shadows, 68 more words


Feeling Compassion

Karma is a strange thing.  You never know exactly when the karma you put out in the world will come back to you.  Is it a year, many years, or a life time? 235 more words



This journey of self discovery is one that surprises me constantly.  Just when I think I have figured things out, then I realize that it isn’t my path at all, but an illusion of what my ego has planned.   245 more words


Fear No More

It may break
like a voice
like a wing
no more flight
no more sing
just a sorrow,
broken thing.

Lay down child
let your ears ring… 57 more words

Sacred Poetry

Signs of Emotional Recovery

I want to share with you my recent progress and the signs of emotional recovery. I truly have struggled in this lifetime to recovery from my emotional wounds and injuries that I accumulated over many lifetimes. 367 more words