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Family Vacation

A week ago, we came home from a family vacation on the coast of Maine, where we’d spent a few weeks enjoying the water, the view, and time away. 605 more words


Still Struggling

Having a Kundalini awakening ain’t for sissies.

The ebb and flow of experiencing the extreme healing action of Kundalini energy flowing through my body, goes on. 1,025 more words


Demo and Philosophy: Active Kundalini Meditation through Kandasana

If there is one asana which awakens the dormant Kundalini so powerfully, it has to be the Kandasana. Aside from the Ida, Pingala and the Sushumna, the Kanda is one important Nadi as it is where all the 72,000 energy points are rooted. 373 more words

Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini Awakening. Is it for you?

Important Issues to Address before Starting the Process.

Question:  What is Kundalini and how is it related to my practice of yoga asanas?

Answer:  No matter which style of yoga practice a student does, as long as there are asanas involved, there will come a point in which, inevitably, the concept of the Kundalini will have to be tackled and learnt. 4,308 more words

About Kundalini Awakening

More Storm Surge and Whitecaps

The respite between storms didn’t last as long as I’d hoped. Going through a Kundalini Awakening process has been, quite frankly, kicking my ass. It’s been the most mentally and physically challenging marathon I’ve ever experienced. 293 more words

The Voyage


So weird

This feeling of detachment.

I’m not in sync with the world

Not in sync with myself.

Wanting to do things

Yet having trouble moving forward… 30 more words


Be in Balance

It’s extremely important to be in balance.  Once you’re emotional over long periods, I see what it does to the nervous system, and in a minute I can tell your level of depletion and where it exists,  because I have been doing so much work with the energy in the body,   It’s extremely important that we become conscious of that ourselves because many times I’m telling you something you’re really not conscious of, but it’s right within you… 182 more words