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New sensations arise and a dream about a long lost friend!

I felt the last couple of days a rising of all those symptoms that I described from the beginning of my Kundalini Awakening. Last night I was lying on my back and felt a concentrated energetic buzzing in my lower back that seemed to go up to the middle of the back and then after few minutes it subsided again. 457 more words

Kundalini Energy

Current Kundalini Energy Symptoms

It has been a while for me that I felt Kundalini symptoms and I was almost certain that I may have imagined everything up to the point of tactile sensations. 547 more words

Kundalini Energy

Fear And Kundalini In Chicago

(A two part blog.  The sequel will be Love And Kundalini In Chicago.)
Watch This Short Video!

That’s me doing an ankle drop in aerial silks. 1,593 more words


Julian Rose ~ Third Density Embrace -- Are the Gods Jealous?

Thank you, Julian, for articulating these very important topics and considerations! A note from Julian’s reply to a commenter on ZenGardner.com:

OK – I’ll admit – this article combines tongue in cheek humour and serious reflection.. 2,045 more words

Becoming an Intuit

Since the rise of my Kundalini energy four years ago, I have been fine tuning my intuitive abilities, and learning how to use my gifts.  Yesterday, while on a hike, we were caught in a terrible rain storm.   180 more words


It has been a very long time

Dear friends, indeed it has been a long time, since I reported about my progress… I went through a rough period and I could say that the energy got lower and lower and even the buzzing, vibration that I felt so strong a few months ago, was slowly drifting away. 848 more words

Kundalini Energy

The Reluctant Clairsentient

From the age of four, I was able to see spirits and ghosts who manifested to me like live people.  For the most part, these spirits and ghosts were benign going about their business in the house where I lived as a child.   337 more words