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Counseling Others While Unhealed

I want to share with my readers some pitfalls and problems when we attempt to help others through counseling them while we are still emotionally unhealed.   661 more words


When It's Time For The Soul~Spirit To Fully Awaken... ~ July 21, 2016

This is beautiful! Please read, understand how ALL will change in an instant, and…


By Lisa Brown, 07/21/2016

Everything starts to change. One’s heart starts to open and confusion enters in…. 807 more words

Attraction to Perpetrators

I have witnessed several people being attracted to perpetrators of sexual and physical assaults.  Why would you feel attracted to people who perpetrate a crime against you or others?   218 more words


The Law of Attraction through Quantum Physics

Spiritual principles now can be explained through modern science.  The Universal Law of Attraction, the concept that like attracts like, has been explained through a division of physics called, “Quantum Physics.” 519 more words


Beware of Parasitic Empaths

Since the rise of my Kundalini energy five years ago, my intuitive abilities have become more acute and sensitive.  As a result, I am a full fledged empath now.   281 more words


Surviving as an Empaths

In this post, I want to share how best to cope as an empath.  When I am around others or am connected to others, I take on their emotions and moods, and sometimes, this can occur at a distance. 410 more words


Sensing and Observing Energy

This weekend, several friends and I rented a lakeside condo to spend the July 4th weekend.  This is a perfect situation for me to observe those around me in my present life for an extended period of time.   405 more words