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Beyond Resistance

Into the beyond, resistance ends,

Without ego to expect and control.

It ends our suffering,

What is meant to be, just is.

We are sent this message from the beyond. 64 more words


Current Kundalini Sensations - 07/27/2015

The Kundalini sensations are with me for a long time since the last activation. However the sensations shift a little bit and seem to go from more physical to more mental. 374 more words

Kundalini Energy

Bliss and other energetic sensations

the last couple of days the electric buzzing Kundalini current is on non stop. It always grows over the day and becomes strongest toward the evening. 445 more words

Kundalini Energy

Current Kundalini Symptoms - 07/23/2015

The Kundalini keeps going strong with me the last couples of days.
Current symptoms that repeat during the day and also during the night:

1. 237 more words

Kundalini Energy

Meditation, intense experience with moldavite gem

Last night my husband wanted to sleep alone because of his recent stomach and digestion problems. I took this night for having a profound meditation. I felt the urge to take my moldavite gem out of the drawer. 538 more words

Kundalini Energy

Strong Kundalini sensations from yesterday (Trying for OBE)

Yesterday the electrical buzzing of Kundalini’s current activated strongly once again. That’s a first, as it normally is quiet while I am getting into my monthly female cycle… I think Kundalini wanted to make a point because I wrote before that I may understand the infusion cycle. 647 more words

Kundalini Energy

I am beginning to understand the Kundalini infusion cycle!

I am slowly beginning to see a pattern in my Kundalini Awakening! Kundalini activates each time and works on the body, but as soon as my period cycle is very close by the symptoms become less and less and almost fade away. 193 more words

Kundalini Energy