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Facing My Truth

This is has been a period of reflection of what still remains unhealed in my emotional landscape.  What I have found is not always what I am happy to uncover.   322 more words


Does the rise of Kundalini automatically result in awaking and ascension?

Since the rise of my Kundalini energy, I have learned much about this phenomenon as I had never even heard of Kundalini before it happened to me.   229 more words


Exploiting Kundalini Energy

I am writing about a taboo subject that very few people write about or disclose about their Kundalini experience.   As you may be aware, Kundalini energy is sexual energy resting at the base of the human spine.   463 more words


No Reprieve

Here we continue the discussion raised by yesterday’s dream (see An Endless Adventure). Let’s think of it this way: what we are is always trying to awaken us to our potential. 1,592 more words

Inner / Outer