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Hilarion on Kundalini Energy - 9-23-15

Hilarion on Kundalini Energy  –   9-23-15

Channeler: hilarion



I come to you today from the 29th loka.

I would like to share with you just a little bit around the kundalini energy which may rise from your base chakras upward… 396 more words



In the past four and half years after the rise of my Kundalini energy, my intuitive abilities and awareness have been heightened. Prior to the rise of my Kundalini energy, I could sense other’s feelings, felt future events happen, and saw ghosts and spirits.   253 more words


Our Vibrational Frequency

After the rise of my Kundalini energy, I have become more and more aware that I have always felt energy from others without full awareness of this energy.   248 more words


Sensing Energy

I have been considering recently why I am unable to feel others emotional and psychological problems and conditions through feeling only their energy.   For severe cases of emotional trauma and psychological conditions, I can feel that their energy is at a different frequency than mine, and I feel unwell when I am near their energy fields. 184 more words