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Kundalini Rising

May 11th 2015
I first encountered kundalini yoga about eighteen months ago.
I was still dealing with the fallout from a messy break up some time previously, and it seemed like a good idea (the yoga). 1,584 more words

The Steps to Transformation

I had several people recently request help.  I decided to write a post instead responding to each person individually because the advice is the same.   First and foremost, others do not help us, we help ourselves.   429 more words


Love as angels love- the creative fusion of voices

When you sing these mystical songs together in the choir, you are working with the two eternal principles, masculine and feminine, in their purest manifestation. The two principles were created to meet and fuse with each other but there are different degrees to this fusion. 209 more words

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Quotes

Using Energy to Heal

After the rise of my Kundalini energy, I became fully aware of the energy around me.  What I have discover is that energy exists like the Internet.   232 more words


Healing Nola

This is Nola who is a chihuahua being fostered by one of my artist friends after her owner gave her up at the animal shelter.  This is the story of how I met Nola.   404 more words


Kundalini: the Magic Bullet?

I have observed quite a few misconceptions about Kundalini.  Some perceive that Kundalini is the magic bullet to enlightenment.  Many arouse their Kundalini energy in the hopes finding the fast track to salvation and miracles. 365 more words


Kundalini Recovery Process - The Stages

I recently read an article by Charles L. Whitfield, MD on the “Perspective from a Map of the Psyche and the Kundalini Recovery Process.” In his article, his discusses the different stages of emotional recovery during Kundalini, and spiritual bypass of these steps as traps in the Kundalini recovery process and becoming stuck at that stage. 403 more words


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