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Recognize the Patterns of life, & direct all your Energy to it.

As an individual or personal identity, your role is to simply identify, the patterns of life, and direct your mind, heart and body to it. The mind, heart and body is an energy in different forms. 1,330 more words


Your Ego Interferes, with the Natural Flow of Life.

Everyone carries the individual-identity “I”, as a part of their mind. The “I” relates with everything that is happening within, and anything that happens to him, from outside. 1,018 more words


The life is Effortless, with the Natural order.

The natural order of life begins with the vibrations or empty space. The self-realization, to which the buddha called emptiness or nothingness. It’s the space of the higher vibrations or soul, that holds the life together. 1,323 more words


Holistic Path to Healing

You may know that I recently began studying Reiki to help heal myself and others.  A year ago, I attended a Reiki class, but decided that I was not ready as I did not fully understand my own energy to use it for healing.   398 more words


Pure Energy is the Source of Life.

Pure energy is the source behind mind, heart and body. Everyday the mind receives the energy from the source for its functions. When the pure energy goes through the mind, heart and body, it takes either positive or negative form. 1,174 more words


Beyond Blame and Onto Healing

Recently, I have come to realize much about myself and the spiritual and emotional healing work that I have been doing.  When my Kundalini energy first rose in March 2011, I became acutely aware of being triggered emotionally by most people. 393 more words


The Practice of Reiki

Recently, I decided to explore other avenues of healing.  A year ago, I attended a Reiki class to see how I would like it.  I had an extraordinary past life memory during the attunement process, but I did not feel ready to explore or share my energy with others at the time. 276 more words