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Walking the Path Forward

Since the rise of my Kundalini energy in March, 2011, my intuitive abilities have become more and more acute.  In recent months, I have been picking up remotely emotional problems of those close to me in my life.   260 more words


How to Protect Your Energy as an Empath!

This weekend, I spent time away with a friend who I met four years ago.  During this weekend, I realized how much I have changed.  As an empath, I can feel what others feel and what they are thinking.   308 more words


Dark Energy

It is true that where there is light, there also is darkness.  I have come to the conclusion that spiritual people, including Kundalini active individuals are like all people. 286 more words


On the Road Home

This past weekend of Reiki Master training provided the reflection I needed to focus on my spiritual healing journey forward.  As I commune with others, I needed to decide if I am ready to begin my Reiki practice, and upon further reflection, I realized that I need to take more time to heal myself.   307 more words


Coming to Peace

Yesterday was graduation day for my Master Reiki Training Class. During the last day of our training, we received two ignitions of the master Reiki energy.   280 more words


My Graduation

This weekend, I am graduating from this phase of my spiritual work. I am attending a three day Reiki Master Training Class.  After the introduction in this class, we took a break and I went for a walk. 361 more words


Setting Boundaries as Empaths

If you are an empath, you know what I am talking about when others around us drain our energy.  There are energy vampires who usually are alcoholic, addicts, sexual predators, narcissists, etc. 380 more words