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Kundalini And Me

For a very long time, I considered that any type of yoga was not for me. I tried a few times a class here and there but none spoke to me. 1,057 more words

Me, Myself And I

I am Thine: Fork-lift for the Mind

Humee Hum, Tumee Tum, Wahe Guru.  I am Thine, in Mine, Myself, Wahe Guru.

I am Thine; We are all one. Simple phrases, massive impact. 1,170 more words

Kundalini and spiritual awakening

This article is to explain what kundalini is in my experience, and the experiences of so called masters who can awaken this kundalini energy in others with a single touch. 1,161 more words


Kit de esenciales de un Yogi

La evolucion del yoga se divide en 10 épocas: la época pre-histórica se ubica en 1800 AC, la época Vedica 1800AC-1000AC, la época Brahmanica 1000AC-800AC, la época… 877 more words



Since I have began reframing my life but most importantly my thoughts and perspective on things, life as a whole you know, it’s like I’ve been able to quiet the inner storm that I battled internally for so long. 582 more words

By  Lorena Saavedra Smith 500hr E-RYT

Do you know your body type? In Ayurveda (sister science of yoga), there are three distinct doshas, also known as “the inherent intelligence of the body”, they are our natural constitution or individual “

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Over the course of the Kundalini Awakening I’ve been going through for almost two years now, as unconscious beliefs have risen up from within and have been healed, because what’s been coming up is not only my stuff, but resonates with mass consciousness, the wisdom that’s come forth is worth sharing. 716 more words