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merayakan ketidakberartian

lo bangun malem-malem, buka laptop, dan lo pun sadar: lo bukan jim geovedi. kadang gue penasaran gimana rasanya jadi jim geovedi—jadi kayak dewa di internet, namanya sering disebut-sebut, dikutip sana-sini, dielu-elukan, dipuja sebagai pendekar tangguh di jagad maya. 933 more words


Love is a metaphor

“Metaphors are not to be trifled with. A single metaphor can give birth to love.”

– The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Milan Kundera 8 more words


No rehearsals nor reruns 

Today’s post is a result of a second reading of Milan Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being and an online search of artwork that can depict one of my favorite lines in the book. 58 more words


Quién, quién, quién. | Sabina

Sabina sopla suavemente a la taza; el café está demasiado caliente. Ella nunca pensó que las cosas podrían ponerse tan feas. Todo lo que comprende que era su vida deja de tener sentido. 348 more words


It is way into the night, the sun is due in a couple of hours and it’s quiet all round. The hush of the hour is made more profound, more complete, by the whirring of the ceiling fan, not a smooth sound but a damped vibration as the shaft holding the blades has long gone askew; it’s like a weird oriental dance. 972 more words


[…] ci sono tre specie di noia: la noia passiva: la ragazza che balla ed intanto sbadiglia; la noia attiva: gli appassionati di aquiloni; e la noia…

18 more words

way past the fast lane, or new turtle blues, first take

Life in the fast lane, Don Henley once told us, meant “everything, all the time.”  It was a good way of describing a certain style of later 1980s production of pop and rock songs. 559 more words

Baggage And Background