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Kundera The Thief

In early April a feline appeared in our driveway. Naturally, my girlfriend Emily became immediate friends with the creature. I’m allergic to all hairy monsters so I did not interact with Emily’s new best friend in fear my throat would close and I’d die. 612 more words

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The Unbearable Lightness of Being - Milan Kundera

A work of a different and honest sort of genius. With voice fleeting between third-person character born from the page (as we are constantly reminded) and the writer’s autobiographical musings, the reader is enthralled by a multi-faceted view of the world, its people, and its individual situations that inextricably and cyclicly link themselves to the next. 859 more words

De kleine duizeling van Kundera en Céline

De ondraaglijke lichtheid van het bestaan  van Milan Kundera is natuurlijk een verschrikkelijk boek waarover al heel wat quasifilosofisch geleuter is verschenen. Het boek bevat gewoon te veel onvoldragen intuïties over singulariteit en contingentie die bovendien op dramatische manier worden gepsychologiseerd en platgeslagen door de personages. 828 more words


Laughable Loves - Milan Kundera

I was introduced to Milan Kundera by a close friend recently. She said this writer is very famous amongst Vietnamese keen readers but only translated via online blogs, not through official publication channels. 239 more words



Rivers flow uphill

Taking the easy way out

The unbearable Loch Ness

Of Being timeless

Slip into the same river

Once upon a corrack

Fishing for compliments… 34 more words



I want to crayon in her consonants
hear “Kraków”:
not a city –
a kvetch in her molars.

I am not a Kundera character
driven by selfish desire… 45 more words

Don't Forget about The Art of Fiction

Image via The Paris Review


Just a bit of a PSA today. Unless you have an ontological opposition to reading interviews, you should absolutely check out the back catalog of The Paris Review. 144 more words