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Researchers are using 3D motion capture to document kung fu before it disappears

The art of kung fu is thousands of years old. But the methods to document it haven’t developed much. Knowledge of kung fu is traditionally shared orally, or with simple illustrations. 113 more words

Who am I?

A little intro to myself. 

Kung Fu

I have studied kung fu for two years now ( moving onto a third) and have already learnt so much I feel I should share my experience learning and improving towards a better self and martial artist. 234 more words

Kung Fu

Do you even Kung Fu?

Shaolin Kung Fu is a traditional martial art developed over thousands of years not only in the temple but also through generations of families.

Tai Chi (taiji) has many different styles including Wudang (which I have knowledge of a few forms) and Chen. 90 more words

Kung Fu

32nd generation Shaolin Warrior Monk.

As one who has suffered from long term injuries, I was cautious about the training regime however I sought out the experience and decided to participate. 459 more words

Kung Fu

The Shaolin Mountain Run

The infamous Shaolin mountain run is fundamental part of Shaolin Kung Fu training. Whether you’re studying at one of the many kung fu schools in and around the Songshan Shaolin Temple or somewhere else, the run normally begins each morning before breakfast, or at minimum takes place once a week. 1,287 more words

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RGV Children can Defeat Diabetes through Martial Arts

With the ever growing problem of Diabetes in the Rio Grande Valley, action needs to be taken by parents, family, and the community.   Yes, stories are done by news media about the epidemic but nothing is said on how to get rid of it.  513 more words

Rio Grande Valley

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Kung Fu practitioners in Beijing, China

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