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Crane vs Guillotine

On the court yesterday I was asked why I continue to play basketball if I have bad knees. The question came from a dude who looked like he was preparing to water birth an adult panda next week. 280 more words

Photo Yelling

Kung Fu

Kung Fu
This game is for the Nintendo NES System.


Watch This Indestructible Kung-Fu Master Take An Electric Drill To The Head

25 year-old Zhao Rui is a Shaolin Kung-Fu master from Southwest China. He’s also apparently quite indestructible.

The above video showcases this fact as he attempts to pierce his body with iron spears, uses his neck strength to pull a vehicle with a steel blade, and has an electronic drill pressed against his temple without bloodshed.   114 more words

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Gooooooooood mornin’ Vietnam!

Our big travel day had nearly arrived. Three flights to get us from Pai to Hanoi. What could go wrong?!

Well for starters, the day before, our 25 minute Pai to Chaing Mai flight was cancelled. 2,238 more words


Dragon Tiger Gate

Prvý titul zo série Cine Asia je pekná pseudo-fantasy, romantický, bojovo-umelecký a komediálny film, s Nicholasom Tse a Donnie Yenom v hlavnej úlohe. No za toho si nemôžem zvyknúť na Donnieho s tým pseudo-metrosexuálnym účesom (zato Nicholasovi celkom sekne). 169 more words


Crouching Tiger ... Fighting Mantis

Written by Nancy Miorelli

I love this project because sometimes we get completely  random but interesting questions. Like where Mantis Kung Fu came from. Turns out there’s two distinct styles and many sub styles within them, so the answer is a bit complicated. 1,030 more words