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Day 118: Dogma and ignorance

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Don’t be so quick to advocate for a return to pure, traditional values in kung fu, particularly if you’re a Westerner. Kung fu was traditionally never taught to Westerners to begin with, and the practice of hopping between different schools like they’re tourist destinations was not tolerated. 15 more words

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Let's Play Kung-Fu (NES)

Hey everyone! This is my latest (and shortest) Let’s Play!
Episode I:

Episode II:

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Stop Bullying!

Stop Bullying!

I get very worried looking at a lot of social media posts by martial art instructors who have never undergone the holistic training of traditional martial arts and are still stuck in the neanderthal, excitable and violent mindset that the only way to deal with bullying is to become like the bully and hit them.   563 more words

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Ivan Booze

When I first watched Yuen Woo-Ping’s 1978 kung fu slapsticker Drunken Master in 2000 (back then referred to as “the year 2000” to avoid confusion with the B-boy dance move) 340 more words


The pursuit of mastery

I love it when practices like Yoga, Aikido, Kung-fu, surfing, running, writing are described as nobel pursuits. It implies that the nobelness is not about achieving mastery, but more so achieved through the persuit of mastery. 13 more words



(reproduced from http://shaolin.org/shaolin/kungfu-sets/fierce-tiger.html)

“Fierce Tiger Speeds through Valley” is the second combat application set of Shaolin Kungfu in our school. It comprises of basic Combat Sequences 5 to 8, and helps to extend the repertoire of kungfu techniques of Shaolin Kungfu students. 30 more words

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Wing Chun: The perfect Siu Nim Tao

Teachers will all tell you the importance of Siu Nim Tao. They’ll tell you it is at the centre of all Wing Chun and that it’s the building block for all that is to follow. 526 more words

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