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Westward part 26--Who is she to you?

“So who is Dong Bai to you?” Chloe asked as Yon led her through a few movement exercises.

“She’s a friend,” Yon answered evenly, pushing her hands down. 2,089 more words


Review of Solo Training 3 50 and Older

Solo Training 3 50 And Older is chock-full of information, drills, and exercise for the aging martial artist. Don’t let the title fool you; this book is great for any aging martial artist. 436 more words

Martial Arts


Woot woot!  This is a class of firsts.  After 3 months of sweating through Beginner Kung Fu class, I hit a bunch of milestones today and I am sooo unbelievably excited. 281 more words

Stop Everything You're Doing And Watch "Kung Fury"

Contributed by Rusty the Intern (@popdepravity)

I was sitting in my Mom’s basement (AKA The Rusty Love Cave) last night.  I was smoking’ some weed, thinking about how maybe if I had finished college I wouldn’t be an unpaid intern on some weirdo pop culture site.   237 more words


Bruce Lee 75

Today, November 27th, would’ve been the 75th birthday of the man and legend, Bruce Lee.

 I haven’t watched all of his movies and I don’t know every detail of his life (though I did see “Kung Fu,” a play based on him), but I think it’s pretty obvious why I (among many others) respect, appreciate and admire him. 369 more words

Use Your Head!

Use Your Head!

In the Tai Chi classics it states:

Suspend the headtop – like a rope is attached to the crown of the head and pulling upwards. 405 more words

Steve Rowe

Bruce Lee Was Bitten By A Cobra And 5 Other Surprising 'Enter The Dragon' Facts

In the early 1970s American movie audiences were largely unfamiliar with martial arts movies, but all of that changed in July of 1973 with the release of… 1,048 more words

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