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Eddie Steezy

This post is a bit more personal because its about my brother Eddie. On this podcast episode you will hear his reasons for getting this tattoo’s on his arm, his new addiction and why he has no regrets about his ink even after becoming a pastor. Check it out!



(reproduced from http://www.shaolin.org/review/sweep.html)

Horizontally Sweep a Thousand Armies

How to Follow Up from a Feign Attack

Attacks can come in countless ways, but to facilitate learning, masters have group them into four major categories, namely: 553 more words

Shaolin Wahnam

How Kung Fu Movies Inspire My Workouts

Ever since I started taking Tai Chi, I have gained a greater interest in martial arts and especially Kung Fu. I never expected that I would end up being hooked on Kung Fu movies. 346 more words

Healthy Living

Destiny, David, and Kung Fu Panda

When I think of the concept of destiny I think of Kung fu movies, and one of my favorite Kung fu movies is Kung Fu Panda  660 more words



The end of August!  How in the world is it almost fall already?

Time go so much faster than it used to!


I thought I’d pop in and give an update to my New Year’s Resolutions. 1,064 more words


Back to Training Despite Some Bad News

I went for my 1.5 mile run today. Sadly, the humidity got the better of me and I was able to do only 0.92 miles. Oh well. 387 more words


My "Buddy" References are Lacking

Hold on to your guitar picks, because Six-String Samurai is the Greatest Movie EVER?

Click on the DVD cover or the title above to download our review of the film, featuring Sean “Hollywood” Hunting. 49 more words

Greatest Movie EVER