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(reproduced from http://shaolin.org/general/legends-of-southern-shaolin/legends01.html)

Classical Hangzhou, picture taken from “Things to Do in Hangzhou” in the internet

Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province of China just south of Yangtze Jiang, the longest river of China, was one of the most beautiful cities in the world. 864 more words

Shaolin Wahnam

Using feints on the street, good or bad?

Feints and fakes work really well when we have got into the head of our opponent and have got them over thinking about what is going to come. 329 more words

Portrait of Teacher Liu: A Chinese Kung Fu teacher in Lusaka - Part I

Teacher Liu’s Intermediate Chinese class was due to start five minutes ago, but there’s no sign of him or any of his students. The University of Zambia’s Confucius Institute is growing quiet as the afternoon descends on Lusaka. 496 more words

Confucius Institute

My love affair with weapons

I began my journey into the martial arts, thanks to a book called “Nunchaku: Karate weapon of self-defense,” by Fumio Demura at age five. I loved the book and had toy nunchaku that I practiced with from the book daily. 253 more words

Update - 1/20/2018

This site has gotten updated bigtime, the “martial arts” section is complete and the about section was updated as well. A ton of new updates are coming, and as we setup classes and get some beautiful new equipment we’d ordered, we’ll be posting on it as well.


Turning up anyway

Most of the practice has fallen away, leaving only Qigong. It’s been there from the beginning of course, learned along with a decade’s worth of Tai Chi, then Kung Fu. 578 more words

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