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ENTREVISTA: Alejandro Alvarez en Clase Abierta de "Wushu" en el Parque Mitre

Entrevistamos al profesor Alejandro Alvarez en el marco de la Clase Abierta que realizó para el público en general, para demostrar el arte marcial Wushu en el Parque Mitre. 24 more words

Goals, dreams and kicking ass!

Is there anything you have always wanted to do? We all have things we would like to do one day. For me it’s Kung Fu. More specifically wing chun kung fu (Bruce Lee style.) 831 more words


(reproduced from http://shaolin.org/general-3/over-training02.html)

A chi kung class in China

“Less is More” is often true in our school. The principle can be interpreted in many ways. 1,175 more words

Shaolin Wahnam

Martial Arts? Meditation? How are they linked?

Martial arts: the arts that tend to show aggression & physical strength and meditation: the art of practicing peace, silence and cultivating inner stillness. Two activities that seem almost opposite, how are they linked? 1,272 more words


Master of Kung Fu #s 35-37.

By the time he wrote Master of Kung Fu #35 (December 1975) Doug Moench seems to have been having a lot of fun on the title.  1,719 more words

November 27th - Bruce Lee born - "Kung fu fighting"

In 1940, #BruceLee was born.  The greatest star of #KungFu films ever#singing;#feelgood

Kung Fu Fighting

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting
Those kicks were fast as lightning… 262 more words

Feel Good