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Good Kung Fu? Or NO Kung Fu?

Kung fu.

If we translate the words from the original Chinese, what do the words actually mean?

It is a common misbelief that the words translate to a fighting style, something about kicking groins and punching throats, or maybe to a martial art regimen where young students try to snatch pebbles from the old, but quick hands of teachers with giant Fu Manchu mustaches. 678 more words

Pai Mei movies

For the uninitiated Pai Mei is the Sith Lord of the Kung Fu world. Basically, don’t ever fu*k with this guy. He cannot be beaten. Even a kick in the balls won’t work cos he has none. 1,124 more words


Combat sport in China

No health insurance or time off–how hard do you want them to fight?

I was at an amateur kickboxing exhibition in Shanghai a while back, and the largely Western crowd was booing the anemic performance of many of the fighters. 395 more words


Blues Lee

“Blues Lee “, ?

Ada Typo di poster Film Ip Man 3. Coba lihat tulisan nama Bruce Lee, salah ketik menjadi “Blues Lee”.

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Westward part 13---The End of Quiet

“So how are you doing?” Tai asked as he jogged up to Yon, who was carrying two buckets of water up the road.

“I’m doing fine,” he answered, readjusting his grip.  1,231 more words