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An Idiot Abroad

In “An Idiot Abroad,” Karl Pilkington sets out to explore the Wonders of the World with the help of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. In both China and India, he lives through the normal tourist adventures such as visiting the famous sites, like the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal and tasting traditional foods. 271 more words


I Killed the Fun in Kung Fu

I could feel the Tiger Mom in me emerging recently as I started hovering over the boys’ Kung Fu classes.  I would glare at them when it looked like they weren’t concentrating, frown at their happy chit chat with friends, and scold them during breaks to do better.  279 more words


HIYAH! And Several Better Reasons To Try Martial Arts

We’ve all probably had daydreams of a child of being some sort of high-flying kung-fu master. No, taking martial arts classes isn’t going to make that reality. 513 more words

For The Guys

Wing Chun: Raw gums and half remembered science

He was missing his four front teeth. This seemed to make life more inconvenient. He infrequently slurped saliva back into his mouth, limiting the trail from dribbling down his beard. 513 more words


The Kung Fu Family - Responsibilities

The Chinese Kung Fu family is often perceived wrong in the West. Kung Fu is a Chinese word for everything that has to do with Qi Gong, Taiji, Kung Fu, Liang Yi, Nei Gong, the whole fight and healing art.  395 more words


A little girl plays Kung Fu with her master

‘కుంగ్‌ఫూ’లో నాతో తలపడతారా?

తమకు నచ్చిన పని ఏది నేర్పించినా చిన్నారులు ఇట్టే నేర్చేసుకుంటారు. అంతేకాదు.. తమకు వచ్చిన ఆ విద్యను వారి తల్లిదండ్రులు, స్నేహితులు, ఇతరుల ముందు ప్రదర్శించాలని ఉవ్విళ్లూరుతుంటారు..continue

Vasundhara Kutumbam

Sleepless in Saskatchewan 

It seems as though the hubs and I breed children that don’t like to sleep. No… Let me correct myself-children that don’t like to turn off their beautiful minds at night. 146 more words