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The Kunjip - NYC

I’m not a fan of most of the restaurants in Manhattan’s Koreatown. Not only are they overpriced compared to California, but they also serve far inferior food. 814 more words

Kunjip of Santa Clara: A Silver-Lining to an Otherwise Rough Month

“When life gives you Cabbage…make Kimchi!”

It’s my new motto! My vow of positivity and optimism. This past month has been challenging to say the least on the personal front! 268 more words


Forget the Shrimp, Throw Some Pork on the Barbie

I’ve got to admit, having a mini propane tank less than 12 inches from my face for the duration of a meal did have me scared. 481 more words

Jesse Curti

I Challenge You

Before I present you with a challenge, let me go over some Sunday highlights:

During the lunch time, Joseph and some others were playing dodge ball. 897 more words


Kunjip and Koryodang

One of the many television shows I’ve been watching over winter break is Kimchi Chronicles, a PBS documentary slash travel show about the food and culture of Korea. 367 more words


Kunjip - nth visit

we haven’t been back at Kunjip ever since my sister and i discovered Shilla.  the reasons were simple, service and food were good at Shilla; there’s no wait for a table and we didn’t have to rush to eat our meal like we did at Kunjip.   94 more words


Kunjip-2nd and 3rd visit

yep, we visited the same place for dinner two days in a row…

we had dinner at Kunjip the first day because it was still early and we had time to kill before my appointment to go see an apartment…  the place was packed when we got to the restaurant…  the host handed us a menu while we waited for a table…  a lady came around to take our order, so that our food will be ready as soon as we’re seated…  we didn’t want to order a lot of food and settled on the goong joong ddok buki and a small seafood pancake. 742 more words