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Turkey, Kurd Rebels Gear Up for Return to All-Out Conflict


LICE, Turkey — The military helicopters swooped in over the Kurdish heartland and dropped white incendiary powder on a raging brush fire — igniting a massive conflagration that raced through the mountains, devouring orchards and livestock. 912 more words

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Once again, the Kurds are betrayed


For a while, the Kurds in Iraq and Syria were useful to the West. They were prepared to do what intervening, rhetorically grandstanding Western states were unable to do – fight the Islamic State (IS). 1,121 more words

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Turkey Continues Rogue State Actions

Turkey has long been a rogue state.

Some of it rogue state activities:

—  pushing to set up a one party government

—  Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan trying to become a dictator… 113 more words


Syria's four million refugees

Refugees of the Syrian Civil War, widely referred as the Syrian refugees, are Syrian nationals, who have fled Syriawith the escalation of the Syrian Civil War.To escape the violence, more than three and a half million Syrian refugees have fled the country to neighboring Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq while thousands also ended up in more distant countries of the Caucasus, the Persian Gulf and North Africa. 298 more words