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Urgent call to feminists and women's organisations for solidarity

The call below was issued by the Free Women’s Assembly. They also put together a factsheet about the blockades, which you will find below:

To Women’s Organizations; 1,822 more words

Conflict Resolution

REPAK Information File: Women of Resistance targeted by the state

Below is an excerpt from the latest information file published by the Kurdish Women’s Relations Office (REPAK. It details how women have been targeted by the Turkish state over the last several months. 1,210 more words

Conflict Resolution

Free Women's Congress condemns killing of activists in Silopi



Turkish State carries out a brutal massacre since July 2015 in cities/towns where the People’s Assemblies declared self-governance. Women are targeted by the state specifically no matter where they are −in front of their house, inside home on a breakfast table, in all forms of resistance standing against war or in massive demonstrations. 486 more words


Bejan Matur, the Mystic-Inspired Poet

Bejan Matur is a Kurdish author born in Kahramanmaraş of Turkish Kurdistan, writing mainly about Kurdish politics, the Armenian issue, daily politics, minority problems, prison literature, and women issues. 727 more words


Daesh = extremist = untermensch

The warriors of god. Look at them. This is the enemy (one of them for us) this is a joke, isn’t it?! Kinda this people are the horrible ISIS? 284 more words

Free women are the basis for a free society!

This article was originally published in the Kurdistan Report.

by Roza Nudem

On 21 September 2014, the International Day of Peace, a women’s organisation for feminism in the Middle East was founded. 1,560 more words