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Fire for Effect:"Give me the prize!"

This is the fourth salvo in Michael Rutherford’s regular column, Fire for Effect. Take it away Mike…

I’m trying to narrow my focus today.  I offer a very narrow thesis and I will endeavor to get straight to it.  2,623 more words


The warriors of the frozen kurgans

The Scythians had tattoos, they continuously harassed settled peoples with their nomad warfare, their economy was breathtaking, when they died their servants followed them to the afterworld, and they believed some peoples to have been the spirits of fallen soldiers. 39 more words

"Was it like Mass?"

1. i may not even bother voting this November, in truth i’ve never voted in my life. In any case, it occurs to me that as a UK citizen i might not be eligible to vote in American elections, but if i cross the Rio Grande with a giant sombrero and ass full of heroin Obama will surely allow me my say. 1,644 more words

This Is the End

While the GOP race came to a swift (and ridiculous) conclusion by Wednesday night, the same can’t be said for the Democrats. Even though he won the Indiana primary, Bernie Sanders has a larger issue to face than an uphill delegate battle: accepting his race is over. 587 more words

Donald Trump


1. i’ve given up on booze and feel distinctly odd, and even healthy. Over Easter i felt i’d damaged my gut with years of immoderate boozing, and so stopped for a week. 1,627 more words

Role-playing Tips - Vampire Verisimilitude

Isn’t the number of Vampires on social media amazing?

Sometimes they use names like Dracula, Lestat, Carmilla, or some other literary undead character. They may further claim they are old or even ancient…you know, however far back their social media settings will allow them to go. 509 more words

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