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“Do you know why the big brother is born first? It’s to protect the little brothers and sisters that come after him. A brother telling his sister, “I’ll kill you…” You never, ever say something like that.“ 190 more words

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“You talk too much with your ‘dont save me’ and ‘go away’. I thought I told you all your opinions were rejected.” Cool and weirdly romantic. 92 more words

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You know why big brothers are born first? To protect the little ones that come after them. – Ichigo

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“Noooo, there’s no way I, a mere handsome and sexy shopkeeper, could possibly have bankai!” — Urahara Kisuke

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“Remember, Ichigo. You are the man which the woman I fell in love with gave her life to protect. Live to the fullest, age to the fullest, go bald to the fullest, and die long before me. 70 more words

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