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Cosplay Monday: Mayuri Kurotsuchi

Mayuri Kurotsuchi is probably one of my many favourite characters from Bleach, this is why he receives this week’s Cosplay Monday. Mayuri is one hell of a captain, with his amazing techniques and hidden talents, he could probably go up against most enemies and win. 103 more words


The Artist at Work - Naruto Shippuden 280

Naruto Shippuden 280 shows by Deidara is such an epic time bomb just ready to go off at any time. Deidara is helped by White Zetsu, he escapes the cage which holds him, he then goes on a rampage when he notices Sasuke, he pursues him but realizes that it was all a trap. 698 more words


manga Volume 54

Chapter 505: “The Kyuubi Chakra,
Unleashed!!” – Naruto responds to his
now-departed mother, offering that
he’ll promise to eat more vegetables
and that he takes baths and sleeps, 6,193 more words

Manga Summary


I’VE BEEN GONE FOR WAY TO LONG! I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DOOOOOOO! Is anyone even reading this blog anymore!?!?!

Alright. So on March 30th, it was Mayuri Kurotsuchi’s birthday. 213 more words


Bleach 196

What can I say? It’s finally getting into some action. What? You think that Nel battle was action? It was definitely hot, because Nel is hot. 196 more words


Mr. Tanuki

Mr. Tanuki visited Shikaka yesterday afternoon and last night.  The afternoon visit was quiet, both lulled by the sunshine and the steady white noise of the river.  375 more words