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I’m aware that this week’s film just got a remake (ooh swapping gender roles- how novel….), but I think we all need to take a step back and appreciate how fantastic the original… 313 more words


The Hateful Eight Review

“The man who pulls the lever that breaks your neck will be a dispassionate man. And that dispassion is the very essence of justice. For justice delivered without dispassion is always in danger of not being justice.” – Oswaldo Mobray, The Hateful Eight (2015) 1,051 more words


Death Proof Review

“It’s better than safe. It’s death proof.” – Stuntman Mike, Death Proof (2007)

Many hail this as the worst Tarantino outing of all time, and I can’t help but agree with them. 1,018 more words


Overboard Redux Surprise

Was having a totally yuck day last week. Had to slap myself upside the head and do something about it. That meant getting out of the rut, the house, my bad attitude and going to a movie. 717 more words

6 Great Reasons Kurt Russell Will Fix Your Life

By Hal

I’m a 35 year old bloke from the north of England. I don’t consider myself cultured or sophisticated on any substantial level. I mean, I don’t throw my own poop against the wall but I’m not exactly well versed in literature or politics.  1,552 more words

Pop Culture

Retired...no chance in Tombstone...

I’ve written about this particular movie before…but before you go “argh, not again”, I promise, this time I’ll steer away from Doc Holliday (read that post… 431 more words


Becoming Human

Hello, Snake…

One of the great things about blogathons is that they can really get a person out of the familiar, and for me, most of Kurt Russell’s films are definitely not familiar. 1,290 more words