Quick Change (1990)

“What’s so memorable about a clown stealing a million dollars?”

Considering that clown is Bill Murray under the make up who has surrounded himself with a winning team of actors in the only film he ever scored a directing credit makes it rather memorable in my books. 868 more words

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Quick Change

Bill Murray has appeared in a lot of movies, but he’s only directed one. Co-directed, I should say. I presume the lackluster result of his (and Howard Franklin’s) leadership in… 72 more words

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The Crush (1993) Turns 25 Today

On April 2nd, 1993, The Crush hit North American theaters and introduced the world to Alicia Silverstone. The Crush itself was a relatively minor success, grossing just over $13 million in North American theaters.  854 more words

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Quick Change (1990)

For years, I’ve been curious about the New York City-set heist comedy Quick Change because of a single, isolated image: Bill Murray robbing a bank while dressed like a birthday clown. 705 more words


Christmas Hostages - El Camino Christmas (2017)

Eh.  So this is about a young man (Luke Grimes).  He comes to the town of El Camino seeking his father that he has never met, but by happenstance of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, he ends up in a hostage situation in a local convenience store where he is the one calling the shots.  356 more words


El Camino Christmas - Movie Review

This movie is okay. It falls right under where I want my Netflix movies to be. I don’t ever start one up thinking academy award worthy, but I want them to be entertaining with a fun story and solid cast.  207 more words

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The Ranch Part 4 Premiere Recap: What Happened With Heather and the Baby?

Warning: The following contains spoilers from the Part 4 premiere of The Ranch. Jump ahead to our next recap by clicking here. 457 more words