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Brando and Eliot in shadows

My brush with Brando was gratifyingly bizarre. I was helping to run a college cinema club; shortly before one evening showing, there was a phone call: Marlon Brando was in the area filming (news to us), and would he be able to see our film? 924 more words


Super Sunday - No Letter From Kurtz

Happy Superbowl!  May the best Patriots team win!

I wanted to write a quick note, not really about the Superbowl, but since it is today, why not use it?   207 more words


Tequila, Lime, and Pages Full of Signatures - Tastes Like Success

Brookfield residents are the best.

I pulled this Facebook update from the Brookfield Parent Alliance.  I hope they, the BPA, doesn’t mind, but I think there are a lot of people in town who aren’t on Facebook that should see this message: 517 more words


An Appropriation, a Petition, and Crazy People

The propaganda machine is running.  I think I saw Matt Grimes filling it up with a mixture of gasoline and the tears of Brookfield’s children.  More on this later… 765 more words


Board of Finance: Apathetic, or Just Jerks?

Whereas I will take a situation or event in our town, like the Board of Finance hating our children, and focus on some microscopic, yet troubling elements, inevitably boiling down my frustration and anger into pithy, childish, adjective-laden remarks pointed at specific individuals, like our thieving First Selectman or the myopic Board of Finance Chair… 308 more words


Dogs in Coats

Running by the Farmington River this afternoon, among dogs in coats and people in sparkling new running shoes and clothes, a few things popped in now that 2014 is out of its misery. 527 more words


Kurtz and the Silence of the Horror

The echo of Kurtz’s final words resonates clearer and louder than ever. The horror. The horror. The last whispers of the charismatic and ruthless leader are the seal over the experience of the absurd violence ruling human existence. 672 more words