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Let Rod Serling Tell You Why You Should DEFINITELY Be Supporting ‘Kuru #1’!

Brian Flint’s Kuru looks absolutely bonkers. As an enormous fans of comic books and graphic novels, I can’t get behind this one enough. In fact, if I had a grand or so laying around, I’d chuck it… 235 more words


A Mysterious Killer: The Prion

Trigger Warning: There are pictures in this article that may be upsetting to some. Viewer discretion is advised.

‘Ello! This is the start of a new series that deal with mysterious diseases and unusual pathogens. 1,532 more words


Mahabharata Stories: 28 – Rescuing the Enemy

Almost all of us have, sometime in our lives, started on something but ended on something else, leading to a lot of embarrassment and endless teasing by our friends and family members. 650 more words

Sanatana Dharma Puranas

Mahabharata Stories: 24 – Duryodhana's Judgement

The first impression lasts, they say, and it is, to a very great degree, true. These seem to last longer than they rightfully should, for we tend to judge people’s actions to be either good or otherwise on the basis of our preconceived notions. 494 more words

Sanatana Dharma Puranas

Genetic mutation blocks prion disease

Unknown mechanism helped some people in Papua New Guinea escape historic, deadly outbreak.

A genetic variant protected some practitioners of cannibalism from prion disease.

Scientists who study a rare brain disease that once devastated entire communities in Papua New Guinea have described a genetic variant that appears to stop misfolded proteins known as prions from propagating in the brain… 313 more words


Our kind of a date

My son announced few days back that he is going to grandma’s for a sleepover on weekend so I told my husband that we are going for a date. 329 more words

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Hillary Diagnosis?

I have encountered some interesting research on YouTube. Rather than post those videos, I think it is best to just post this information about the disease knows as “Kuru”. 25 more words

Exposing Political Corruption