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History of the Kuru race

It is essential to know how the Kuru dynasty originated.

There was an able and a mighty king by name Dushyanta (he is also referred to as Dushmanta). 534 more words


The Pandavas and Kauravas meet

Before we go any further, it is important to know how the epic actually starts.

This entire story is narrated by Ugrasrava Sauti, a well-known story teller (son of Lomaharshana), to a group of rishis who attended a twelve-year sacrifice performed by Saunaka Kulapati in the forest of Naimisha. 592 more words


Genetic Mutation blocks prion disease

Research teams have reported a novel genetic mutation in the Prion protein causing the incurable disease known as ‘Kuru’, an encephalopathy (neurodegenerative brain disease). This novel genetic variant appeared to stop mis-folded proteins known as ‘prions’ from spreading in the brain. 405 more words


Papuan Tribe That Ate Brains Developed Resistance to Some Brain Diseases

The story of kuru, as classically told in biology textbooks, is a tragic one. The Fore population in Papua New Guinea ate the brains of their tribe members as an act of mourning, a ritual that allowed a misshapen protein to spread through the population.

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An epidemic in the making

While the following article is about how evolution might lead to better treatment of mad cow disease in humans, I am shocked at how many people might be infected and not know it. 79 more words

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