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Maddy's Dream Job: Lego Star Wars

Like a lot of young Americans, Kutztown’s Madison O’Neil grew up loving Star Wars and Lego. Now he is headed to Denmark to design Lego Star Wars characters. 470 more words


Kutztown Welcomes Jersey Students

Kutztown University gets a lot of students from New Jersey.

Why so many? We are in Eastern PA, less than an hour west of the Delaware River. 527 more words


Picking A Major To Purse One of My Career Goals

I have so many different passions. My passions make me a scatterbrain when it comes to determining big decisions. One second I think I want to be a music producer, the next something in the video production field, and now I’m majoring in business. 320 more words

What I am teaching this semester: Women and Violence in Contemporary Literature and Texts

I am often asked “What are you teaching this semester?” I love that question.  I try to check my geek nature at the door and only offer a few sentences in response.   619 more words


Stories always have a beginning

I’ve been nothing but excited for this graduate level Indigenous Rhetoric’s course since the day it was announced, and when it was threatened to be cut because not enough people were enrolled I went into a complete panic. 552 more words

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

I apologize for the lack of hi-res in this photo. I only had my phone at the time being, and of course I couldn’t not snap a photo of this beauty out of my window!  7 more words


Do percussionists still play xylophone solos?

Or is it all marimba these days?

I grew up with the xylophone. Nearly every band rehearsal room had one in some state or another. Resonator tubes leaning against the wall with the other sections hidden under piles of music or even complete in the far corner of the band room covered in posters and cases invariably used as a table. 758 more words

Music Composition And Performance