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Project 1- Blogosphere and Wordpress

Rise of the Blogosphere has taught me that the American press originated so that the people could allow a watchdog-like entity, to inform its people and no allow a public sphere of idea exchange. 800 more words


Barlow 4- Qualifications No Longer Needed

Unless you have severed all contact with majority of the human species this past 12 months; an American election happened and it was quite the international shitstorm. 412 more words


The Unconscious Third World (Week 2)

Colonialism has settled in the minds of many and “today we know that in the first phase of the national struggle colonialism tries to disarm national demands by putting forward economic doctrines” (Fanon 199). 1,117 more words

Barlow 2-A Democracy for the Common Person

During the time of Thomas Paine, America was still a cluster of colonies under the theocratic rule of the British King. With the writing of his book,  272 more words


Barlow 1-Birth of American Journalism

The invention of the American ‘press’ and journalism rose primarily because the people needed another way of engaging in their democracy, focusing mainly on political debate than current news. 237 more words


Why this class?

Why take a class about activism and media? Becuase during a time where government programs are trying to be silenced, the people need to do what others can not. 109 more words


Welcome to ENG 318 Activists Writing Media

So, it’s 2017 and it’s time for Activists Writing Media once again! Welcome! In addition to course materials and resources that you see in the sidebars, this will also be a collaborative writing space that we will be using this semester. 138 more words