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First Book Donation Letter

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Kutztown University

Kutztown University Survey-North Face VS Columbia

North Face Versus Columbia

I chose the marketing question, do customers buy the brands North Face and Columbia primarily because they are considered “name brand.” I also examined if customers purchase North Face and Columbia based on the products these companies sell which portray outdoorsy styles and benefits. 848 more words

Jaffe Response 2- Occupy/BLM

Both Black Lives Matter and Occupy utilized the internet and social media at what I would say is the best ever yet. These two movements took over everyone’s social media even Occupy when I was still in high school. 581 more words

Project 1- Blogosphere and Wordpress

Rise of the Blogosphere has taught me that the American press originated so that the people could allow a watchdog-like entity, to inform its people and no allow a public sphere of idea exchange. 800 more words

Barlow 4- Qualifications No Longer Needed

Unless you have severed all contact with majority of the human species this past 12 months; an American election happened and it was quite the international shitstorm. 412 more words


The Unconscious Third World (Week 2)

Colonialism has settled in the minds of many and “today we know that in the first phase of the national struggle colonialism tries to disarm national demands by putting forward economic doctrines” (Fanon 199). 1,117 more words