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This spring I had the honor of being selected by our leadership and the NESA Center to present two teacher workshops at the Spring Educators Conference… 421 more words


Office Problems


I have read the book Secrets it says when you send out positive or negative energy to the universe you will get back the same energy. 414 more words

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SAS Events, Your Next Event Planner

SAS Events is now taking events in Dubai.

We provide all the essentials you need for your party.

We have custom Birthday Party Packages.

Your next party planner, Give your kids a magical day of fun… 12 more words


Not Flying anytime SOON!!!

This weekend I went to Kuwait, the trip overall was great until my flight last night.

My flight was delayed 2 hours which is not an issue but for someone that’s up from 7am and slept at 2am is a problem the delay was not a problem as much as the flight its self, I thought I was going to die. 378 more words

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Leaving Kuwait

Yes it’s final, we are leaving Kuwait after a month. I only have four weeks in this country which I call my second home. I’m not happy about it but it’s out of my hands really. 72 more words


The power of social media & a question

This is why I love when teachers embrace social media and allow their classrooms to interact with the world. Yes we’re on the same campus. Yes I could have walked down to… 29 more words


Here’s a thing I find strange!!

How come some people are ashamed of where they come from? They pretend to be someone they’re not or come from somewhere they only lived in for a few years and completely forget where they came from. 256 more words

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