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Ramadan AD: Bayan Dental

Nice concept. Cool Execution.

We love Aziz – We love the people over at doors.

But, the coach is giving us too much fever. We wished that Bubba bear – standing next to him- would slap him down for our sake.


Ramadan AD: Alfouzan Dental

His voice, the models features, the script, the way it went down, we loved it.

Never heard of that place before, but who cares, we loved it.


Ramadan AD: Rauch

We like this. Not head over heels, but we really like this.


Ramadan AD: Shrimpy

This could have been epic. #FriedChicken

Loved the Tagalog take.


Ramadan AD: Bait Dickson

بيت ديكسون لما طيح الميانه مع الماضي شصار؟
فيصل بوغازي
مبارك المانع
واحلى كومبارس
تنفيذ Senyar Production
اخراج محمد العلي
بيت ديكسون #يمون ـ على ـ الماضي


Ramadan AD: Nest KW

This melts our hearts.

Touching, beautiful, human and fits the month just right.

Thank you !

p.s: People at NEST, send me your banners, lets support these kids.