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Off on an adventure ... again.

It seems that every time I am flying out of the Kuwait airport I get seriously apprehensive. I don’t know why. This is my third trip out through the airport, you think I would be over it? 285 more words


المرحلة الاولى

في البداية كان اختيار شخص او مكان قرار صعب ولكن بسبب حبي لقطط كنت مهتمة جداً في محلات القطط و لفت انتباهي ” قطوه و قهوه ” فهو كافيه لقطط فعرضت الفكرة لزميلتي ساره ولكن لم تعجبها فقررت ان اصطحبها للمكان لتراه حتى تغير رأيها و ذهبنا في ٥/٤/٢٠١٨ بعد انتهاء يومنا الدراسي فكان المكان جداً جميل و مشوق لتصوير فقتنعت ساره فبدئنا بالتصوير و ذهبنا بعدها في يومين لتصوير كلاس يوقا مع القطط  و لكن لم يكتمل البي رول فذهبنا في ١١/٤/٢٠١٨ لتكملت التصوير و اليوم الحمدلله استطعنا من تصوير الاي رول مع مدير الكافيه محمد الابراهيم

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Gulf Spoken Arabic

Gulf Spoken Arabic (afb) is a dialect of Arabic spoken along the western coast of the Persian Gulf. It usually divided in political terms into Kuwait, (sometimes eastern Saudi Arabia,) Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. 22 more words


Reflections of passion (?!?)

I love the reflection of the objects. Especially on the water. Even if it is the sea or the pool. I am lucky enough to see beautiful reflections in… 12 more words


Thank you Milestone for being part of our Portage Guide workshop..

Fatma Clinic send her gratitude to Milestone Kuwait Team for their participation for the Portage Guide 3 Program Workshop that is held in the 18 – 19th of April,2018.

Fatma Clinic

“We'll develop more products for Middle East”: centurions Panasonic

Consumer electronics giant Panasonic celebrated its 100-year anniversary today at Le Meridien Hotel in Dubai with a pledge to enhance its B2B offerings to the GCC market. 31 more words