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It has been a while and a LOT has transpired. I’m tired just  thinking about it. Let’s get up to date on the MOBB world. 275 more words


Kwanzaa Creations Image Catalog

The Gather ‘Round Kwanzaa Creations Kit is a rather unique collection of items. Although each one only shows a handful of images at any one time, in fact, all of them contain over 80 (most of which simply are not visible by default). 2,202 more words

Colored Pencil

Kwanzaa Day 6: Kuumba

Happy Extended Kwanzaa ❤️❤️!!

Today’s principle is “Kuumba.”

It means, ‘Creativity.’ The word. The action. The reality. Fantasy. And the works.

Do it! Believe it! Be it! 40 more words

Art & Poetry

Celebrating Kwanzaa In July: Decoding Day 5's Principle Called 'Nia'

Happy Late/ Continued Kwanzaa ❤️❤️!! Today’s principle is “Nia.” Which stands for, ‘purpose.’

Defining your purpose, in such a way that it flows directly into your ability to make a lifestyle… 231 more words

Race, Gender & Politics

Im Black and I'm Blackety Black

Habari Gani?!

Ok, I know it’s not Kwanzaa, but saying Habari Gani always makes me feel like I know something, or like I have the credibility to sell incense and talk about capitalism. 1,066 more words

FREE #Kwanzaa #dolls clothes #patterns @ ChellyWood.com

At the end of December and earlier this month, I shared my patterns and tutorials for the Kwanzaa poncho, the skirt worn by the Photographer doll… 848 more words


New Christmas Celebration

2017 was finally the year! I made a plan and stuck to a week long celebration for Kwanzaa. Growing up we celebrated the “holidays” carried by the stores. 343 more words

Journey Journal