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Cuisine Of Kwanzaa


Kwanzaa dinners usually feature African-American dishes along with Caribbean, African and South American specialties. Save your biggest showstoppers for the feast of Karamu, celebrated on the sixth night of Kwanzaa, December 31. 216 more words


Activities And Traditions Of Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa traditions center around the seven principles of the holiday, one for each night.

The celebration begins each night with someone calling out the greeting “Habari gani?” (“What’s the news?”). 214 more words


Decorate Your Home For Kwanzaa

Decorate your home in the traditional colors of the holiday — green, red and black — using streamers, balloons and African prints. Display African art objects, textiles and maps on tables and walls. 238 more words



Within him, there was a vacant yearning
where he dwelled having given up. I don’t
know when. I can’t venture a guess, but
I have the thought that at one time, he was… 224 more words


#1100 Guam 17/04/22

This beautiful cover from Guam was sent by Wolfgang, thank you very much! It was posted in Dededo on April 22 and arrived on May 9, 2017. 31 more words


Kenyatta becomes a leader

This post is to announce that I am returning to leadership within Unitarian Universalism. Many years ago I chaired the racial justice committee. That committee promoted diversity, organized a Kwanzaa event, organized a drum circle and tried to change the church culture. 345 more words



Sometimes the holidays come and go, and we barely have a moment to enjoy. Traditions are a fun way to ensure you are creating lasting memories for all involved!  1,352 more words