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Not gonna lie ma mehn but today was awesome!!

My morning was super chill because I didn’t have to go to work coz I was excused (because of the job fair) so pahinga lang ako. 658 more words


35 - Job Fair 

Why is it still dark out? I hate the rain talaga zzzz.

So let’s get this blog started ma mehn! I was at school the whole morning coz of the job fair. 352 more words


34 - Normies for the Day 

What a gloomy day today ma mehn!

It was raining the entire day here in Alabang (sort of) and yo boi was equal parts sweat and rainwater because of all the site visits we’ve been doing today. 742 more words


33 - Trouble in Paradise 

Ma mehn today was a slew of events.

It started out fine with yo boi inspecting the site. I was with Mark (field engineer) and we got some shots at the basement for presentation purposes. 507 more words


She Called, Justice

She called, Justice,
My favorite prostitute
Who lives
On the shack
Just around the block
Behind the big
Her voice was
Almost deadlike. 138 more words


32 - kamSAMnida

Ma mehn! The thing about Sam’s smile is that uhmmmmm gahd just thinking of her smile while typing e napapangiti na rin ako hahaha.

So anyway (boy that was embarrassing) . 682 more words


31 - I Guess W Stands for Winner

I don’t want this to be a blog about W but ma mehn I did nothing else but watch that show e.

Ever since Sam recommended me to watch Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, she’s been telling me to watch other kdramas as well. 502 more words