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The Start

I’ve been super busy since getting up to Seoul 2 weeks ago. The day after I arrived I had to take the placement test at 10am. 315 more words



Tomorrow (well, actually more like today) I’m headed to Bali for a week for my two friends’ wedding! My room is now an absolute mess with things strewn all over the floor. 88 more words


'Seoul Searching' Director: 'This Country is Half Made Up of Minorities, But Cinema Doesn't Reflect That'

Diversity stood front and center at Wednesday night’s premiere of Benson Lee‘s ensemble dramedy “Seoul Searching” at the Regal L.A. Live on the next-to-closing-night at the Los Angeles Film Festival. 338 more words


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A movie any gyopo can relate to.

3rd Largest Korean Diaspora Community in Western Europe is....

They say France is the 3rd largest Korean diaspora community, however, I wasn’t too impressed with what I found from the net.  I thought there’d at least be a small Korean town or a street that’s dedicated to the population (if you know one, please, let me know!), but I have yet to discover one. 1,177 more words

[Feature] Korean-American, and a Bboy

Feature: Michael Jung Roach

I’m Michael Jung Roach—or at least that’s my legal American name given to me by my loving parents (shout outs to my mom and dad if they’re reading this, love you two). 1,212 more words

Klown Komments 2

I forgot about this one since it was a bit old.  Genius commenter “Jenny” reminded me of it….

Original comment from “Curious”:

Actually, I’m sure the Korean authorities – cybercrime, if not Korean intelligence, even – would be very interested in taking a look at this blog~ That’s if, they haven’t already.

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The Measure of a Woman

I don’t remember my mother ever having the cold or flu. She must’ve had her share, especially in the sharp New York winter. She remains healthy in my memory because she never took a day off, never took a nap, never complained. 739 more words


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This was a wonderful piece of Korean Americans and the persistence and struggles our parents went through. Honestly, any parent deserves praise, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.