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Violet Evergarden

It’s totally worth dedicating my time to make panoramas for this amazing anime.

Source: https://squallec.deviantart.com/art/Violet-Evergarden-726231246


Weekly round-up

Hey there, friends! Welcome to our first round-up of 2018. This week for us was all about that Devilman. We blitzed through DEVILMAN crybaby… 1,101 more words


Violet Evergarden's Opening Act | Mechanical Rigidity vs. Fluid Temporality

I want to start by talking about a single shot in Violet Evergarden’s debuting episode.

Violet’s reflection in the clock implies two things: her current state of mind, as well as certain potential, if one takes into account Violet’s first real display of agency in this scene. 1,123 more words


Violet Evergarden Episode 1 and the Character Acting Approach

It’s Wednesday afternoon and I sit down giddy with excitement, raring to watch the first episode of Violet Evergarden. It’s the show with rising star Akiko Takase as animation director; the show with the gorgeous PVs and CMs, each of which I’ve seen at least three times, and above all it’s the show that I’m convinced will set a new bar for television animation in anime.  343 more words


Victorian Flower Language and Violet Evergarden

Outside of the gift of a red rose — which has been commercialized and commodified extensively — there are few flowers today whose meanings are widely recognized outside of hobbyist circles or florists.  614 more words


Koe no Katachi | A Beautiful Movie

2016 was the year of the Anime movies, with Kimi no Na Wa and Koe no Katachi, gracing the Anime community with such beautifully designed movies. 562 more words

Anime Review

[Six] Talkin' 'bout my generation (A Silent Voice)

“While I was location-hunting in Gifu I started wondering what Shoya was like at that point: a kid who feels invincible but also deals with perhaps unfounded frustration.

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