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Anime: Tamako Market

12 Episodes

Tamako Market is a very good anime to binge watch. It’s very lifestyle based with a hint of fantasy. I love this anime because I love the studio that produced it, which is Kyoto Animation. 620 more words


Hyouka, Episode 1

Hello, and welcome to Hyouka Saturdays! For the next twenty-one weeks, I’ll be watching and writing up an episode of Kyoto Animation’s well-loved 2012 show,  1,215 more words

Episode 1

Tamako Market - K-On!...but better?

Spoiler free review!

Tamako Market is a very classic Kyoto Animation anime.  It’s about well…cute girls doing cute things.

Okay, Tamako Market is a slice of life anime about a girl named Tamako who’s family runs a mochi shop in a shopping center…it’s a simple premise.   922 more words


Kyle C. Jones Month Part II

Written by TheEclecticDude (with edits/revisions by Ryugama628)

So now, after taking a look at Kino’s Journey last week, we jump ahead a bit to 2008, to the tail end of the ADV era of dubbing productions. 1,600 more words


Recent Anime: Free!

Free! is that one anime I will never get tired watching. 299 more words


What I want to see in Free! Starting Days

By now you should all have realised how much of a Free! fan I am. 639 more words


Free! – studio: Kyoto Animation – episodes: 25 + OVA

The swimming anime. The only swimming anime I know about, and the anime that, just last year, got me back into watching anime (I took a sort of “break” from anime for two or three years before Free!). 1,138 more words