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What I want to see in Free! Starting Days

By now you should all have realised how much of a Free! fan I am. 639 more words


Free! – studio: Kyoto Animation – episodes: 25 + OVA

The swimming anime. The only swimming anime I know about, and the anime that, just last year, got me back into watching anime (I took a sort of “break” from anime for two or three years before Free!). 1,138 more words

Amagi Brilliant Park Review: Less Than Brilliant

13 Episodes
Run: Oct 7, 2014 to Dec 26, 2014
Rating: 13+
Studio: Kyoto Animation

Lately, I’ve been on a bit of a Kyoto Animation binge, having watched four of their series in the last week and continuing to do so (next up is  1,247 more words


CJ Vs. Sound! Euphonium (Video Review)

CJ reviews the greatest anime about high school band ever! Well, then again, Sound! Euphonium doesn’t have very much competition, does it? Find out what CJ has to say about one of the most talked about anime of the recent season.


The Tears of Sound! Euphonium

Anime is no stranger to characters crying. Whether it’s Kenshiro in Fist of the North Star or the entire cast of Alien Nine, tears are fairly ubiquitous. 416 more words


Hibike Euphonium review

An unexpected delight, that’s how I would summarise this anime. Now that it’s over, I can finally talk about how much I have enjoyed this show in particular.  1,061 more words


"Crossing a Road" Hibike Euphonium Review and Recommendations

“It is a lie that the gods smile upon those who make an effort.”

Note:Hibike Euphonium is not K-On 2.0. It is its own entity and anime, taking on a whole different direction that K-On did. 389 more words