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Everybody back in the pool! Swimming anime Free! getting theatrical prequel this year

Certain sports seem like obvious choices for an anime series. Baseball, for example, has a team-first atmosphere that meshes with Japan’s cultural value of putting the group before the self, and has enough breaks in the action for lengthy conversations between characters on the same team. 478 more words


The Verbal Tradition is Alive and Well

From now on I shall be known as the Master of Dragons. My party will consist of the Ninja-Samurai, the Crazy Doctor, and myself. What we’re going to do is a total mystery, but we’re going to do something. 936 more words


Art Imitating Life: Anime Pilgrimages Around Japan (Part 1 of 3)

This three-part series about anime-based tourism is a collaborative effort between Artemis of Otaku Lounge and Buri-chan of San’in Monogatari. Artemis currently resides in Ehime Prefecture and since she likes to travel a lot, often discovers that she makes anime pilgrimages entirely by accident.
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Kyoto Animation and their evolution (March 2015 ver)

Founded in 1981 and incorporated in 1985, Kyoto Animation (once known as Kyoto Anime Studio) is a good studio to look at the evolution of a studio that once focused only on one aspect of animation into a subcontractor into an animation producer into an multimedia studio. 1,176 more words

Kyoto Animation

Episodic Anime Notes: Hyouka #5 & #6

Two for the price of one today because I wasted my whole day yesterday playing Cities: Skylines.

I didn’t love last episode mostly, but I did come around on it a bit in the end. 996 more words


Episodic Anime Notes: Hyouka #4

We’re coming off of the first episode of the show to really click with me here, so consider my expectations a little bit higher. I really don’t expect a ton out of this, but I’m hoping to see a bit more of these characters just playing off of these characters because that’s by far the best part of this show. 580 more words


Episodic Anime Notes: Hyouka #3

If you haven’t seen it yet, I posted my first impressions of Hyouka yesterday. They can be found here! Best read before going into this, but not totally necessary. 675 more words