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First blog post

Welcome to my world!!!

I mean, Kyusung world. I will simply publish random thing of Kyusung and their.

It can be picture, translated tweet, fanvid, fanfic, fanart, and anything about them, mine or other’s edit and work (giving the full credit to the owner of course) 231 more words


Speak Now: Mean

Speak Now

Track 6Mean [KyuSung/Canon]

[—All you gotta be is mean.]

. 595 more words


FF KYUSUNG//Divine//chap 4

Title                 : Divine

Author             : May’ncloudself13

Pairing            : Kyuhyun x Yesung (Kyusung)

Genre              : Romance, Drama.

Warning          : Shounen ai, BL, Crack pair, OOC, typo, Alur maju mundur, dll. 2,099 more words