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Super Bowl - Illuminati Spectacle - Occult A-go-go?

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February 5: The Anchor – www.theanchoroceanside.com

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MAY 7 – 17!  ISRAEL Tour!  The Nephilim and Ancient Megalithic Sites!  145 more words

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Acceleration Radio!

Acceleration Radio – 20,000 DOWNLOADS PER WEEK… and GROWING!

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 Days of Chaos?  Are you Kidding Me???!!!

( No soft landing places here!) 201 more words

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Sunday Go to Meeting Bun!

Sunday Bun


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The Rescue!

(Gary Stearman inspired this!)

There are many different paths to follow on this planet.  Wars have been fought over which “path” or religion is the correct one to follow.   442 more words

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Police Chopper Harassment, Refugees Boat Sinks, Burns, OR: Update, L.A. Marzulli, UFO Moon Explosion

Police Chopper Harassment

Greece: Many Dead as Refugees Boat Sinks

Burns, OR Update

L.A. Marzulli Politics, Prophecy, & the Supernatural

UFO Moon Explosion



Biblical Insights

X-Files - The Truth is Out There

I watched the X Files last night and unlike one of the so-called critics who panned the show, I thought it was fantastic.  I’ve always been a fan and I’ll watch the episode tonight. 285 more words

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