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L.A. Day 1

This great view of L.A. I got by parking the car at the base of the hill and hiking up to the Griffith observatory. I came just in time for the sunset, so the sign “no parking after sunset, towing will be paid by car owner” gave me motivation to not linger up there after sunset too long. 451 more words


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Doing Interviews

It’s becoming very real, every step is almost done. I designed my new portfolio printed book for customs, there’s a list of things I need to do and once its all done and I get through Ill post exactly what I did so it can help someone else. 106 more words


Simply Cali...

No matter where you are in California, LA, the city will get you addicted since the first second. You didn’t believe in love at first sight? 87 more words


L.A. no Nos Alive'16

A 10.ª edição conta com mais uma confirmação. L.A., Luis Albert Segura, vai subir ao Palco Heineken dia 07 de Julho para apresentar o seu mais recente álbum de originais “ 147 more words