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Entertainer/Ddanddara - 9/10

Argh!  This show I really did binge on, so much so that I had to take a break before writing this because I was soooo upset that I’d finished!! 297 more words


News Roundup: Lee Seo-won's sexual assault allegations, Yoochun and fiance's break-up, and more!

We’ve got big ugly news this week from sexual allegations to break-up announcements. Let’s take a look at the week that was:

1. Lee Seo-won accused of sexually harassing and threatening a colleague… 512 more words

Lee Seo-won

TEEN TOP - Missing 

Album: ÉXITO
Release Date: 2014.09.15

You gotta be stronger, ’cause you’re my star
You gotta be stronger, ’cause you’re my star

I think about you 후회와 miss you… 656 more words


TEEN TOP – ALONE? (혼자 사니?)

Album: ÉXITO
Release Date: 2014.09.15

혹시 혼자 사니
hoksi honja sani
Do you live alone?

나 가봐도 되니
na gabwado doeni
Can I come over? 675 more words


Teen Top L.Joe banned from contacting other agencies

Article:  EMA’s stance “TeenTop L.Joe, banned from approaching other agencies”
Source: SportsDaily via Naver

1. [+3269, -78] Obviously. He still has a contract term as part of Teen Top but just because he wants to do solo activities he requests a contract termination with his current agency and while it is being processed legally, of course he has to push back discussions with other agencies. 70 more words