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Back to the Future Friday

4/4 participation

Trend: Skirts over dresses / Jeans under dresses.

Most imaginative outfit was Chelsey in a high-low skirt over a black t-shirt dress. 40 more words


Four months into this paradigm shift

by L

–and I am still not used to it.

Everything is different: I now live in a tiny box in between other tiny boxes; the halls are bigger and colder, the lines longer, and the commute more cramped; the noise is so loud it has become the quiet; the sky is a little darker- even during the daytime- and the stars have turned into minuscule condominium windows. 310 more words


Nghỉ lễ & tháng 5

Tháng 5 sắp tới với nhiều dự định & nhiều việc cùng nhau thực hiện, hy vọng mọi thứ sẽ tốt đẹp. ‹Dear God, if today we lose our hope, please remind us that your plans are better than our dreams. 169 more words


Long Mau

Long Mau

Long Mau daughter of the king of the sea, protects mother and new born babies. She may by invoked for assistance during every step of the conception/ pregnancy/ birth process. 47 more words


Optimal Control Theory: Applications to Management Science and Economics by Gerald L. Thompson

Optimal control methods are used to determine optimal ways to control a dynamic system. The theoretical work in this field serves as a foundation for the book, which the authors have applied to business… 30 more words