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Learning ACI - Part 9: Layer 3 External Connectivity

So far in this series, everything we have discussed has been concerned with what happens inside the ACI fabric. At some point however, you will want to connect your fabric to the outside world, either at layer 2 or layer 3. 2,057 more words

Nexus 9000

Are all decisions in an HCT made by consensus?

Reaching a general agreement on all decisions is ideal but not always realistic given the pace and volume of decisions that need to be made in humanitarian settings. 140 more words


Do you only have DHCs in L3 emergencies?

No. While DHCs are most commonly found in L3 emergencies, they are also deployed in other contexts as needed.


Is there a formal IASC mechanism to evaluate a humanitarian response?

Yes. An Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluation (IAHE) occurs within months 9-12 of a L3 declaration and for non-L3s at the specific request of the HC/HCT or other primary stakeholders. 99 more words

Overarching Questions

What is an 'L3' activation?

It is a mechanism developed as part of the Transformative Agenda (TA) to mobilise adequate means from within the whole of the humanitarian system to respond collectively to a major humanitarian crisis. 41 more words

Overarching Questions

Day 63

It is here that the transformation to a “jokar” begins. :)

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February 17, 1915

Two Zeppelins wrecked off the Danish coast. One, the L 4, of the latest type, succumbed to a snowstorm. The weight of the snow and the failure of two motors made her unmanageable. 34 more words