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Veveří row and music

There was a lot of wind this morning, so Romana and I decided to the castle. We launched at 10am, at the same time my double partner Radek launched from the opposite side of the lake in his single. 133 more words

Should L3 Responses receive higher funding priority than other responses?

No. Although the activation of a L3 Response may help to raise funds, it should not exacerbate inequities between crises and/or mean that other crises do not receive funding or attention. 46 more words

Level 3 Emergency

Does the deactivation of a L3 Response mean that the crisis no longer requires international attention?

No. In protracted crises, after a L3 Response is deactivated international support will still be required to: sustain an effective response; and advocate with those with influence to bring an end to the crisis. 66 more words

Level 3 Emergency

Should a L3 Response remain active until the crisis has ended/abated?

No. The aim of the L3 Response is to ensure that the IASC response is sufficiently comprehensive. Resolving crises which have their roots in a complex set of political and other factors is beyond the remit of the IASC… 11 more words

Level 3 Emergency

How do you determine readiness to transition from a L3 Response?

A transition from a L3 response is initiated once the required capacities are in place to enable response. This should be measured against a ‘Transition Strategy’ which highlights key indicators – such as number, calibre and location of surged staff, establishment of empowered leadership at HCT, activation of coordination systems– to determine whether the response remains reliant on the L3 response. 120 more words

Level 3 Emergency