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Michael’s Testimony

L3 stands for loving God, loving people and loving life. I’m Jewish, so I grew up hearing about the God of Israel, but not really knowing Him personally. 521 more words


A humbling reminder of my past – (NZ) migrants:

After a bout of crazy busy traffic filled flights I was relieved to finally be on rota for an evening training flight, only my flight was cancelled, too strong a winds. 848 more words

First session of L3

First session of L3 OPL tomorrow. It’s been a week of 1-1 matching and getting that repeated structure. Can’t wait for my guidance from the beautiful Felicia. 25 more words


Phase 2 – Foundation flying in New Zealand

While ground school was phase 1, I now get to move onto phase 2, and so far its been quite a journey. I am lucky to be shipped with my class to New Zealand, especially since L3 (CTC Aviation) have made so many changes in the last few months, that is removing their Phoenix, USA site and a lot of students being delayed and moved around including over capacity issues. 622 more words

Flying Through The Air