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Who had the most striking stand at the Interieur Biennial?

Judging by the number of visitors per exhibitor there was clear winner!

Orac Décor!

Here’s people gazing in wonder at our L3 light display.

Orac Decor

L3 Waxy Wonders - 'Handfasting Ceremony'

This is one big chunk! I love L3 Waxy Wonders, they are an American ‘nerdy’ company specialising in awesome themes such as Alice in Wonderland and the Labyrinth. 182 more words


Wednesday: 15 x 3' / 1' rest at Crossfit Anaerobic

I’m here in lovely Orange County, so I dropped in on my favorite Crossfit box.  It’s about half a mile from my hotel, and the walk/jog to and from there makes a good warmup/cooldown.   301 more words

Training Journal


Cache memory is intended to give memory speed approaching that of the fastest memories available, and at the same time provide a large memory size at the price of less expensive types of semiconductor memories. 643 more words

ARM Microcontroller

Understanding OSPF Opaque LSAs

Hello people, I am back this week from where I left off…will talk about OSPF LSA Type-10 here. Everything written in the RFC is beyond the scope of this blog, so I will try to give you a basic understanding theoretically as well as practically (Lab examples) like I do with every blog. 878 more words


OSPF stuck in 2-Way state

I won’t really waste your time in introducing myself and blabber eloquent about my technical expertise et al. I’ll get on with today’s point of discussion right away. 584 more words


Defining "Safe Space"

How do we build community on a college campus? How can congregations build a sense of belonging for college students?

When I tell people that I intern for a chaplain, people are often confused about what exactly I do. 673 more words